Golden Lasso 1.1

Allows you to store an Entity in an ItemStack, to place it somewhere else later.

  1. Flamedek
    Golden lasso
    This feature is an ability of the Taming skill in the plugin RPGme. However I felt this could be useful for more servers, that don't necessarily also want RPGme. Whether you want it for everyone, donators or just admins; this is a lightweight plugin just for this feature.

    It is controlled soloy through permissions. There is NO configuration.
    By default OPs get the wildcard permission. If you want other behavior you have to manage it through a permissions plugin.

    You can always bypass this effect by sneaking while clicking

    goldenlasso.* - allows use on all living entity types, even in protected areas (default: ops)

    Grouped permissions
    goldenlasso.nonliving - allows non-living entities such as minecarts. The use of this is not thoroughly tested and may yield unexpected results.
    goldenlasso.animals - allows for all animals (passive mobs)
    goldenlasso.hostiles - allows for all not-animal types. (aggressive mobs)

    Specific permission
    You can give access to an specific entity type with the permission format:
    The argument is the name of the type, as one word and lower case. (ex. '' )
    You can find a list of accepted types HERE.

    Disables use in protected areas with supported plugins:
    - WorldGuard
    - GriefPrevention
    - Factions
    - Towny


    Simply drag and drop into your plugins folder.
    No configuration or data folder will be generated, control it with a permissions plugin.

Recent Updates

  1. More protections & plugin integration!

Recent Reviews

  1. mctutocraft12
    Version: 1.1

    Good plugins but add a source

    Good job go on


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  2. stormtrooper28
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks! Now I don't have to code this for my server! Who needs Pokemon nostalgia when you can have forge nostalgia! It works perfectly for my use.
    1. Flamedek
      Author's Response
      Great, glad to hear :) Enjoy
  3. corporabruno
    Version: 1.0
    Great 1st version. Works as it says. Some development needed to make it work for a bigger server with more mods. I have posted in the discussion section. Cant wait to rate this 5 stars someday. Thanks for making it.
    1. Flamedek
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Perfect use of the review and discussion features. I responded to your points and will address them soon.
      Glad you like it so far