GoldenCrates • Advanced custom crates! [1.14 - 1.16] 3.11.0

Advanced crates with custom GUIs, animations and effects!

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Simple, but powerful crates plugin! Create crates via in-game GUI editor, manage crate options and rewards!

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    In-game GUI Editor:
    ▸ Easy way to create and manage your crates!
    ▸ Change all crate settings in simple GUI.
    ▸ Add and modify crate rewards by drag and drop items!
    Crate Rewards:
    ▸ Custom win chance for each reward.
    ▸ Support for custom items with any NBT tags!
    ▸ Execute commands when player wins reward!
    ▸ Define min. and max. rewards amount that player can win at once!
    ▸ Prevent player to open a crate when he don't have enough space in inventory to prevent reward loss.
    Crate Preview:
    ▸ Ability to preview any crate rewards with chances (configurable).
    ▸ You can disable preview for all or certain crates.
    ▸ You can create unlimited amount of custom preview GUIs for your crates!
    ▸ All GUIs are 100% customizable with animations support.
    Crate Types:
    ▸ Give any crate as an item to player inventory and open it by Right-Click!
    ▸ Attach any crate to any block in the world and open it by Right-Click! You can attach the same crate to multiple blocks in multiple worlds!
    ▸ Add any crate to customizable internal GUIs and open it by click!
    Crate Keys:
    ▸ Create custom keys to open crates!
    ▸ Multiple crates may require the same key to open!
    ▸ Make the key virtual! Virtual keys are stored in the database.
    ▸ Support for offline players when giving keys.
    Crate Cooldowns:
    ▸ Define the duration for each crate that player have to wait before open a crate again.
    ▸ All times are supported: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Years!
    Crate Animation Templates:
    ▸ 7 templates included by default: CSGO, Mystery, Roll, Wander and others!
    ▸ Create your own animated rewards GUI!
    ▸ Define the roll speed, sounds and effects.
    ▸ Define reward positions and final win slot.
    ▸ Attach any crate to Citizens NPCs! Players will able to view crate content or open a crate by clicking NPC!
    ▸ Add custom holograms upon crate block in the world via HolographicDisplays!

    ▸ Make crate require a certain amount of money to open it with Vault!
    PlaceholderAPI Support:
    %goldencrates_keys_<key>% - Displays amount of specified key.
    %goldencrates_cooldown_<crate>% - Displays amount of time before specified crate can be opened again.

    Video (by @SoulStriker_ )


    Type /crate editor and click on New Crate!

    Q: Would it be possible to make it so that some rewards with certain perms will be eliminated for users who have that perm, so you can only get each thing once?
    A: No.

    Q: I added crate in the world, but players can't open it!
    A: Check your claim plugins and spawn-protection setting.

    Q: How do I give keys/crates for voting?
    A: Ask your vote plugin. This plugin does nothing with voting.

    /crate editor - Open GUI Editor.
    /crate menu <menu> - Open custom crate menu.
    /crate drop <crate> <world> <x> <y> <z> - Drop crate at specified location.
    /crate give <player|*> <crate> [amount] - Give crate to specified player(s).
    /crate givekey <player|*> <key> [amount] - Give crate key to specified player(s).
    /crate keys [player] - Displays amount of player keys.
    /crate reload - Reload the plugin.

    goldencrates.user - User access (Given by default)
    goldencrates.admin - Admin access
    goldencrates.cmd.keys - Access to keys sub-command.

    goldencrates.cmd.keys.others - Allows to specify player name.[crate] - Allows to open specified crate when permission is required.
    goldencrates.bypass.cooldown - Bypass crate cooldown.
    goldencrates.bypass.cost - Bypass crate cost.

    HolographicDisplays [Link]
    Citizens [Link]
    Vault [Link]

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    Eh, I mean, it's good overall. Got some bugs on my 1.16.3 server few months ago, my players open the crate a thousand times. The key just won't disappear from their inventory. Overall, I'll give it about 7/10. 9 If you added 1.8 support!
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    Version: 3.11.0
    When will 1.17 come out it says the nex engine is outdated daaaa
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    Version: 3.11.0
    This is the best crate plugin I have found so far! Although my rating is poor, I do enjoy the idea of the GUI making it easy to add custom items into crates! The thing I very much dislike is that I cannot find a way to change the broadcast/ turn it off completely. I also cannot find a place for support such as a discord server where I can ask about these questions.
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    Seems good on reviews and photos,

    Got 1.16.5 spigot server and doesnt seem to come up on /pl
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    This is the best crate plugin I have found so far, the GUI is the best part in my opinion. I am wondering if there's a place I can get support and ask questions. My problem is that when players open the crate, It gives the player 3 rewards instead of 1. I'm not sure if I'm configuring it properly and if I am, using the min and max, it isn't working.
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    One of the best plugins!
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