GoldenCrates [1.14 - 1.16] 3.9.4

Advanced crates for advanced users!

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Simple, but powerful crates plugin! Create crates via in-game GUI editor, manage crate options and rewards!




    ▸ You can modify any plugin settings.
    ▸ You can change any plugin messages and print them in different ways (chat, action bar, titles).
    ▸ This plugin has small size and well optimized.
    ▸ Does not cause lags and memory leaks!
    SQL Data storage:
    ▸ Provides MySQL and SQLite data storages.
    ▸ Auto-purging inactive users and old plugin data.
    In-game GUI Editor:
    ▸ Easy way to create and manage your crates!
    ▸ Change all crate settings in simple GUI.
    ▸ Add and modify crate rewards by drag and drop items!
    Crate Rewards:
    ▸ Custom win chance for each reward.
    ▸ Support for custom items with any NBT tags!
    ▸ Execute commands when player wins reward!
    ▸ Define min. and max. rewards amount that player can win at once!
    ▸ Prevent player to open a crate when he don't have enough space in inventory to prevent reward loss.
    Rewards Preview:

    ▸ Allows players to view crate content before open it!
    ▸ Allows you to display chances in reward lore.
    ▸ Crate preview can be disabled totally.
    Crate Types:
    ▸ Give any crate as an item to player inventory and open it by Right-Click!
    ▸ Attach any crate to any block in the world and open it by Right-Click! You can attach the same crate to multiple blocks in multiple worlds!
    ▸ Add any crate to customizable internal GUIs and open it by click!
    Crate Keys:
    ▸ Create custom keys to open crates!
    ▸ Multiple crates may require the same key to open!
    ▸ Make the key virtual! Virtual keys are stored in the database.
    Crate Cooldowns:
    ▸ Define the duration for each crate that player have to wait before open a crate again.
    ▸ All times are supported: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Years!
    Crate Effects:
    ▸ Play different effects and sounds for block crates!
    ▸ Play different effects and sounds when player opens crate!
    ▸ Play different effects and sounds when player receives rewards from crate!
    Crate Animation Templates:
    ▸ 7 templates included by default: CSGO, Mystery, Roll, Wander and others!
    ▸ Create your own animated rewards GUI!
    ▸ Define the roll speed, sounds and effects.
    ▸ Define reward positions and final win slot.
    No Limitations:
    ▸ Unlimited amount of crates!
    ▸ Unlimited amount of rewards!
    ▸ Unlimited amount of templates!
    ▸ Unlimited amount of menus!
    ▸ Attach any crate to Citizens NPCs! Players will able to view crate content or open a crate by clicking NPC!
    ▸ Add custom holograms upon crate block in the world via HolographicDisplays!

    ▸ Make crate require a certain amount of money to open it with Vault!
    PlaceholderAPI Support:
    %goldencrates_keys_<key>% - Displays amount of specified key.
    %goldencrates_cooldown_<crate>% - Displays amount of time before specified crate can be opened again.

    Type /crate editor and click on New Crate!

    /crate editor - Open GUI Editor.
    /crate menu <menu> - Open custom crate menu.
    /crate give <player|*> <crate> [amount] - Give crate to specified player(s).
    /crate givekey <player|*> <key> [amount] - Give crate key to specified player(s).
    /crate keys [player] - Displays amount of player keys.
    /crate reload - Reload the plugin.

    goldencrates.user - User access (Given by default)
    goldencrates.admin - Admin access
    goldencrates.cmd.keys - Access to keys command.

    goldencrates.cmd.keys.others - Allows to specify player name.[crate] - Allows to open specified crate when permission is required.
    goldencrates.bypass.cooldown - Bypass crate cooldown.
    goldencrates.bypass.cost - Bypass crate cost.


    Spigot 1.14+
    FCore (included)
    Java 8+

    HolographicDisplays [Link]
    Citizens [Link]
    Vault [Link]

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jechlo
    Version: 3.9.4
    this plugin has a bug the editor does not work pleas fix it
    Minecraft Version 1.16.1
  2. MatiasBrescia
    Version: 3.9.4
    I want to join your discord I have an idea for more templates. If the plugin is very good, it does not cause lag, easy to use, 0 bug at the moment
  3. SliderKP
    Version: 3.9.4
    Thanks for updating this amazing plugin too fast !!! im using on my server, recommended 10/10
  4. DomSathanas
    Version: 3.9.4
    Absolute amazing. I give 10 stars / 5 stars. Is so powerful!. Thanks, easy setup.
  5. Rehack
    Version: 3.9.4
    This plugin should cost up to 50 bucks, it's simply amazing and I couldn't ask for more! The only thing is that in the beginning, the templates and all are a bit hard to understand, however I got the hang of it very quickly. Nonetheless, 5 starts, would totally donate if I could :)
  6. hppvp1
    Version: 3.9.4
    This plugin is simply amazing.
    Very simple to set up, no need to download Fogus Core apart, it's included....

    I'm just disappointed that paper isn't supported, you should support it !
    I hope I will not get any problem on paper 1.16 cuz I will not get any support...

    5 stars !
  7. AcornMC
    Great plugin and a great developer. I wanted to add a feature and the developer did it within a few days. I was talking to the developer of a premium crates plugin, and they said this exact feature would take a couple months. The crates aren't the most customizable ones I've seen, but they're certainly more than customizable enough for me and at least 90% of people looking for a great crates plugin with great support.
  8. LorenzoSlayz21
    Version: 3.9.2
    Good, but i the key doesnt work for me

  9. andyb4u276
    Version: 3.9.2
    Great Plugin Thanks easy to setup has im first time user on creating my own server :)
  10. TheGrandPotato
    Version: 3.9.2
    but now players can open unlimited crates w/o keys.
    Also when i use the CS:GO animation it will give
    players the incorrect item. Example: it lands on a shovel
    but gives a pickaxe.
    Please fix this and ill change my review!