GoldenEnchants [1.14 - 1.16] 2.6.5

30+ vanilla-like enchantments for your server!

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This plugin adds more than 30 vanilla-like enchants on your server! They're fully customizable, support anvils, enchanted books and enchantment tables! Just like the vanilla enchants!
    No junk, only enchantments!



    ▸ You can modify any plugin settings.
    ▸ You can change any plugin messages and print them in different ways (chat, action bar, titles).
    ▸ This plugin has a small size and is well optimized.
    ▸ No lags and memory leaks!
    ▸ This plugin does not adds any junk! Custom enchantments only!
    Max. Compatibility:
    ▸ Enchants are properly registered, which allows to use them in other plugins!
    ▸ Mobs with items enchanted with golden enchants will have effect!
    Enchantment Table Support:
    ▸ You can easily obtain new enchantments on vanilla enchantment table!
    ▸ Define the chance of obtain custom enchantment on enchantment table.
    ▸ Define the max. amount of custom enchantments that can be applied on item per one enchantment.
    ▸ Enchanting books is also supported!
    Anvil Support:
    ▸ Custom enchantments perfectly works for vanilla anvils! Merge item enchants, enchant item with a book, it will work!
    ▸ Custom enchanment levels are sums like vanilla!
    ▸ Anvil exp cost is increasing for each custom enchantment level!
    Item Options:
    ▸ An option to enable/disable applying sword enchats on axes.
    ▸ An option to enable/disable applying bow enchants on crossbows.
    ▸ An option to define max. possible amount of custom enchants per item.
    Enchant Configuration:
    ▸ You can disable any enchant you don't like!
    ▸ All enchant options are configurable!
    ▸ Enchant names are configurable.
    ▸ Define min. and max. levels for each enchant!
    ▸ Define enchant chance for each enchant!
    ▸ Configurable chance of enchant trigger.
    ▸ Configurable enchant formulas and effects!
    Visual Effects:
    ▸ Most of enchantments comes with particle effects and sounds!
    ▸ These effects are also configurable!
    Enchant Tiers:
    ▸ Create custom enchantment tiers to split enchantments by its rarity.
    ▸ Define the tier name and color to display it in item lore.
    ▸ Define the chance to obtain enchant of this tier.


    Enchantments List
    All enchants has configurable trigger chances, formulas, effect levels and durations, etc.!

    Small Tip: Enchantment item type in brackets is for enchantment table and anvils. You can still add a sword enchant on a, say, stick via command and it will have effect! The same for Tool and Armor enchants.

    Combat enchants:
    Exhaust - Applies Hunger effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Ice Aspect - Applies Slowness effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Confusion - Applies Confusion effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Blindness - Applies Blindness effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Venom - Applies Poison effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Wither - Applies Wither effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Rage - Applies Strength effect on attacker. [Swords, Axes]
    Executioner - Drops the enemy's head. [Swords, Axes]
    Rocket - Launches victim into the space. [Swords, Axes]
    Vampire - Restores the attacker's health. [Swords, Axes]
    Exp Hunter - Drops more exp from mobs. [Swords, Axes]
    Cutter - Throws away victim's armor and reduces its durability. [Swords, Axes]
    Surprise - Applies Random potion effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Paralyze - Applies Mining Fatigue effect. [Swords, Axes]
    Double Strike - Deals double damage. [Swords, Axes]
    Scavenger - Can drop an additional item(s) based on a mob type killed. [Swords, Axes]
    Thrifty - A percent chance that a mob can drop a spawn egg of that creature type. [Swords, Axes]

    Tool enchants:
    Divine Touch - Drops Spawners and saves it entity type. [Pickaxes]
    Smelter - Smelt blocks like furnace. [Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes]
    Treasures - Drop custom treasures on breaking certain blocks. [Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes]
    Tunnel - An enchantment that increases the radius you can break blocks. [Pickaxes, Shovels]

    Armor enchants:
    Cold Steel - Applies Mining Fatigue effect to attacker. [Chestplates]
    Hardened - Applies Resistance effect to yourself when got damage. [Chestplates]
    Saturation - Regain food points. [Armor]
    Aquaman - Gives Water Breath effect. [Helmet]
    Night Vision - Gives Night Vision effect. [Helmet]
    Bunny Hop - Gives Jump effect. [Boots]
    Sonic - Gives Speed effect. [Boots]
    Self-Destruction - Creates an explosion on death. [Chestplate]

    Bow enchants:
    Poisoned Arrows - Applies Poison effect. [Bows, Crossbows]
    Withered Arrows - Applies Wither effect. [Bows, Crossbows]
    Explosive Arrows - Creates an explosion on hit. [Bows, Crossbows]
    Ghast - Launches fireballs instead of arrows. [Bows, Crossbows]
    Bomber - Launches TNT instead of arrow. [Bows, Crossbows]
    Ender Bow - Launches Ender Pearls instead of arrows. [Bows, Crossbows]

    /ge list [page] - List of all enchantments.
    /ge enchant <enchantment> <level> - Enchant item in hand.
    /ge book <player> <enchantment> <level> - Give an enchanted book.
    /ge tierbook <player> <tier> <level> - Give an enchanted book with random tier enchantment.
    /ge reload - Reload the plugin.

    goldenenchants.user - User access (useless atm).
    goldenenchants.admin - Admin access.

    Getting enchants is simple - just like in vanilla game, on enchantment table or via command /ge enchant. You can even enchant items by another enchant plugins, but it will not displayed in item lore.

    Enchants are registering into the server like vanilla enchants, so you'll be able to use them in another plugin configs and commands!

    Command /ge reload will not reload the enchant settings. You have to restart the server to adjust enchantment settings.

    Spigot 1.14+
    Java 8+
    FCore (included)

    No data about compatibility with other custom enchantment plugins. If you have any, use it on your own risk.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Skipp3r
    Version: 2.6.5
    Increible plugin, lo estoy usando en mi servidor y a todos les gusta, sigue sacando actualizaciones por favor. <3
  2. Tolmikarc
    Version: 2.6.4
    Game-breaking bugs, a very non-helpful developer, and on top of that some sketchy practices that makes this plugin no longer a viable option for my server.
  3. Casidesigns
    Version: 2.6.4
    Terrible plugin. There are some very game-breaking bugs, such as the enchantments duplicating when putting inside an anvil, breaking item formatting, and the enchantments. The developer also said this will most likely never be fixed. I'd recommend not to use this plugin on a production server, clearly not properly maintained and will cause you a lot of issues in the long run.
  4. Yan_Mihaylov
    Version: 2.6.4
    Please, fix the doubling of the enchantment. This plugin is amazing..................
  5. CrushedCorpses
    Version: 2.6.4
    It is a very good plugin, but this version is constantly doubling the enchantments in the inventory and the truth is very annoying.
  6. crossfirearena
    Version: 2.6.4
    This plugin adds a ton of great features to my server and allows for players to use less than conventional enchants to change their play styles. It is pretty awesome and I highly recommend it. One issue I am having though is a bit of a particular one. I cant seem to get enchants to work when they are higher than normal levels on books and an anvil. For example, if I have a sharpness 10 book, which this plugin will let you obtain with commands, and you add it to a diamond sword in an anvil, the resulting item will show up as a sharpness 5 diamond sword. I want to give out OP enchanting books for people to use, but I am not sure if this will really work out. Any help or a suggestion for a plugin to fix this would be much appreciated!
  7. xXTSLeaderXx
    Version: 2.6.4
    Nice plugin!. Would be nice to have have descriptive lore inside the enchantment table as well as on books and when applied to tools etc
  8. Nico1813
    Version: 2.6.4
    The plugin is great, I have a bug which happens often that enchants stop working
  9. Vasquezfr15
    Version: 2.6.4
    You can put an enchantment: it would be nice to increase the increased experience gained from the spikes to level 3 or 4.
  10. acornisameme
    Version: 2.6.4
    Now it works with nethrite thanks..............................................................................................character limit