Golem Guard 2.7.1

Create a Guard to protect your town, house, etc

  1. XXLCreeper
    What is GolemGuard?

    With GolemGuard you can create invulnerable IronGolems that protect your Town, Village from hostile Mobs, such as Zombies, Creepers,...
    The Guard attacks all Mobs withing a radius of {x:8, y:4, z:8}.
    The primary use for the plugin was on an RPG server, but with the next Updates i'd like to get away from it and make if up for survival server. Maybe an own recipe, how you can spwan it without a command.

    /gGuard <create | remove | list | set | info | debug | get>

    • /gGuard create <GuardName> -> creates a Guard (with given name) at your Location {Use '&' for colors!}
    • /gGuard remove (UUID|Name) -> allows you to remove a Guard
    • /gGuard list -> Lists all Guards (-> Page System comming soon!)
    • /gGuard set (option) -> set/change guard properties
    • /gGuard info (exact) -> Shows (exact) Info for a Guard
    • /gGuard debug <clean> -> only use if there is a problem!
    • /gGuard get <Name | UUID> (exact) -> get (exact) Guard Info by Name/UUID
    /gGuard set options:
    • /gGuard set noName (UUID|Name) -> removes Guard name
    • /gGuard set Name <"Name"> (UUID|Name) -> change Guard name
    • /gGuard set Move <true | false> (UUID|Name) -> If set to false, the Guard won't move
    • /gGuard set radius <1-16> (UUID|Name) -> Set Guard attack range
    • /gGuard set Location (options) -> change Guard Location
    • /gGuard set Location World <WorldName> (UUID|Name)
    • /gGuard set Location X <X-Coordinate> (UUID|Name)
    • /gGuard set Location Y <Y-Coordinate> (UUID|Name)
    • /gGuard set Location Z <Z-Coordinate> (UUID|Name)
    • /gGuard set Location reset -> Resets saved Locations
    Most features work with Rightclicking a Guard. If there's added "(UUID|NAME)" you can also use the Guard's UUID or Name

    There only exists one permission for everything, because the Guards are not Player specific yet.
    Permission: GolemGuard.use

    • Feature for Player specific Guard (-> comes with more permissions)
    • Update Checker
    • More debug options
    • better Golem AI
    • Different Mobs as Guard (only IronGolem for now)
    • Set Mobs attacked by Golem

    --------------------Version 1.0.0--------------------
    1) Basic features created
    2) IMPORTANT: ONLY WORKS FOR ONE SESSION FOR NOW! ('/rl' or restarting the server kills all Guards)
    --------------------Version 1.1.0--------------------
    1) no longer possible to set radius (radius = 16)
    2) you can now set Guard name with colors
    --------------------Version 1.2.0--------------------
    1) Guards now stay over server restarts
    -> not possible to remove them yet!
    --------------------Version 1.3.0--------------------
    1) Added new Command allowing to remove guards (/rGuard)
    --------------------Version 2.0.0--------------------
    1) Removed /cGuard
    2) Removed /rGuard
    3) Added new Command /gGuard
    -> Function: /gGuard <create|remove> (replaces old commands)
    -> Function: /gGuard <list> shows all Guards
    -> Function: /GGuard <info|get> Shows Guard info by Rightclicking (info) it or using his Name/UUID (get)
    4) Added help Interface
    5) Planned features: Debug mode & Guard settings
    --------------------Version 2.1.0--------------------
    1) Added option to remove/set/change Guard name
    -> Function: /gGuard set <noName|Name> Sets/Changes Guard name (Name) or removes it (noName)
    --------------------Version 2.1.1--------------------
    1) Added 'yaw' and 'pitch' to Guard Location
    --------------------Version 2.2.0--------------------
    1) Added /gGuard set Location <World|X|Y|Z>
    -> Function: (Example) /gGuard set Location X <X-Coordinate>
    --------------------Version 2.2.1--------------------
    1) Added ability to change multiple Location settings at once
    2) Added option to reset all saved to-change Settings (/gGuard set Location reset)
    --------------------Version 2.2.2--------------------
    1) Fixed Bug Guards being able to damage Players
    2) Fixed Bug Guards not attacking Slimes
    --------------------Version 2.3.0--------------------
    1) Added function to remove a Guard by UUID/Name
    -> Function: /gGuard remove <UUID|Name>
    --------------------Version 2.4.0--------------------
    1) Added Multi-World Support
    2) Added possibility to change Guard Location by it's UUID/Name
    -> Function: /gGuard set Location <World|X|Y|Z> <UUID|Name>
    3) Cleaned code
    --------------------Version 2.5.0--------------------
    1) All '/gGuard set' options support UUID/Name now
    --------------------Version 2.5.1--------------------
    1) Fixed Bug being able to set Guard Location in mid-air
    --------------------Version 2.5.2--------------------
    1) Fixed Bug Getting Guard by Name -> Same Name for more Guards
    -> Removed, Renamed etc random Guard with the same Name
    --------------------Version 2.6.0--------------------
    1) Added File clean function
    -> Function: /gGuard debug clean -> creates a new, clean file
    --------------------Version 2.6.1--------------------
    1) File now automatic saves after File clean
    2) Fixed incorrect Text parts
    --------------------Version 2.6.2--------------------
    1) New Function to disable Guard AI for selected Guard -> acts like a statue
    -> Function: /gGuard set move <true|false> (UUID|NAME)
    -> Visible in exact Guard info
    --------------------Version 2.7.0--------------------
    1) New Function to change Guard attack radius
    -> Function: /gGuard set radius <1-16> (UUID|NAME)
    -> Visible in exact Guard info
    --------------------Version 2.7.1--------------------
    1) Messages are now stored in an own .class and sorted

    After weeks of coding i decided to release my first public plugin.
    I hope you enjoy. Pls leave feedback and report bugs here :)
    Be prepared for the Updates. Thye'll be awesome :)

Recent Updates

  1. Cleaned Messages
  2. Change Guard attack range
  3. Fixed broken text