GolemLauncher 2021-03-22

This plugin was created by @LuigiPro14#0291 on Discord

  1. xDAvide4x
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    1) getgolemitem
    gives you an item that you configure in the config to spawn a NON permanent golem, so possibly for users
    permission: golemlauncher.golemegg
    alias: ggi

    2) setgolemlocation
    spawns a permanent golem
    permission: golemlauncher.setgolemlocation
    alias: sgl

    3) golemreset
    removes all golems, both permanent and normal
    permission: golemlauncher.reset
    alias: gr

    To get thrown into the air you have to right-click the golem having in hand the object set in the config including the right amount (it is fine even with a larger amount) and after 3 seconds the golem launch
    If you are away from the golem, the golem will do nothing and will not refund you the used emeralds
    More or less the range is 3 blocks
    The plugin is made for 1.16.5 it may work also in the other 1.16 versions (not guaranteed) while in versions other than 1.16 it will not work
    The 3 seconds are configurable in "throw-after"
    The writings are mainly English although some are in Italian