[GooP] ☀ Gunging's Spicy Ootilities ★ for Inventory Reading and Editing 1.10.8

Command-based developer tools for spicy mechanics, NBT Manipulation, and inter-plugin communication.

  1. Polishing, Quality of Life, and Bugfixing

    Noteworthy Stuff
    Huge polishing of /goop mmoitems stat, now much more powerful.
    There was a typo in the manual, when reading a numeric value with this command, the result output into a score is 100x the read value (not 10x).​
    Chained Commands can also use oS= in place of oS:

    ----- Full Changelog -----

    Quality of Life
    Chained Command can now be specified with oS=
    For readability in mythic skills (get out of here annoying oS<&co>)
    The old one oS: still works (and will keep working forever).​

    Shorthands for feedback gamerules for the command:
    Write ssf instead of sendSuccessFeedback
    Write sff instead of sendFailFeedback
    Write sf to target both of them.
    Example, turn both on: /goop gamerule sf true
    Huge changes (that are 100% backward compatible, as always) to make /goop mmoitems subcommands better:
    Count Gems
    Now supports range of success, example:
    /goop mmoitems countgems true <player> <slot> ..3 oS:
    Only succeeds if the item has three or less gems.
    Set Tier
    Can now remove tiers (keyword none)
    /goop mmoitems setTier <player> <slot> none
    Smarter tab completion.
    Can now consider the chances to apply modifiers that the MMOItem has defined in its config.
    Smarter tab completion.
    Now supports boolean stat values (Two Handed: true / false)
    Can edit text lists better (NBTTags, Required Class)
    Now use the read keyword to perform no operation on the item and just test if it succeeds with the range of success.
    Now supports range of success, example:
    /goop mmoitems stat SKILL_DAMAGE <player> <slot> read 0..30 oS:
    Only succeeds if the item has between 0 and +30% skill damage bonus.

    Range of success also allows to test for text, boolean, or text list stat values! See more on its manual page.
    Testinventory command /goop testinventory
    Now supports range of success, example:
    /goop testinventory <player> <slots> m CONSUMABLE MANGO 120.. comp oS:
    Only succeeds if the player has at least 120 mangoes in their inventory.

    MMOItems Converter
    Can now prevent MythicItems from being converted, dont allow them into the converter process by putting in mmoitems-converter.yml this:
    Allow_MythicItems: false

    Fixed leather turning into netherite, and chainmail turning into leather, when using Differentiate_Items: true
    Mythic Skills
    GooPAsOrigin now works with location targeters.
    ParticleSlash effect now ready to be used after fixing its math.
    Recoded /goop vault checkbalance because it was being weird.
    Unusual spamm from item frames and fireballs removed.
    Errors from NPCs combat removed.​
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