Govir-19 2020-09-06

It's a simple plugin that simulate the covid-19

  1. Yaguarete
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    It's a simple plugin that you can put in your minecraft server for play with your friend and have fun.
    Its operation is simple, you can get this virus from food (you can adjust the probability) and once you have it you have two options:

    - spread it (hitting a player)
    - search for antidote (configurable in config)

    Imagen plugin.png
    /govir-19 reload Is for reload the config of the plugin

    level-effect: It is the level of the wither effect
    level-hunger: It is the level of the hunger effect
    posibility: It is the possibility of obtaining Govir-19 from food
    no-hunger: if you don't want to get the hunger effect when you have the govir-19
    milk: if you can get govir-19 out with milk
    no-antidote: if there is no antidote
    antidote: here you can put the antidote for this virus
    contagion-message: message that will come out when the virus is consecrated
    infection-message: message that will come out when you get the govir-19 from food