GP: RealEstate 1.6.0

GriefPrevention: RealEstate, allows you to sell your GriefPrevention claims.

  1. MrCaira


    READ: This is an Extension Plugin to GriefPrevention, it is NOT in any way a stand alone plugin, if you attempt to use it without GriefPrevention it simply wont work!!


    Note: The above dependencies are the once that i have been using for testing, they are not necessarily the lowest versions that works with this plugin, however keep in mind that i used those versions and earlier versions are unlikely to work.

    Introduction & Information:

    GriefPrevention: Real Estate aims to extend the GriefPrevention plugin by allowing users to buy or sell claims/sub-claims. Currently this is one of the biggest requests that are made for this plugin and the author has pointed out that they are concentrating on anti-griefing aspect of GriefPrevention.


    The plugin has been originally created by Leezallen back long time ago but ended up bring abandonned. The project was then revived by SuperPyroManiac and has been maintained by him, however cannot find the time to update it anymore. Last but not least, the project has re-revived by MrCaira and will be updated to the newer versions whenever he has the time, alongside adding new features.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Coming when i have something to add here.

    Usage Information:


    • Place a sign within a GriefPrevention claim
    • On the very first line write [RE] or [RealEstate]
    • On the second line write the price "Example: 250"
    Usage Notes:
    • When selling a full claim, the buyer will completely take over that claim.
      • This CANNOT be undone, unless the new owner sells it again.
    • When selling a sub-claim, the buyer gains unlimited access.
      • However: The player does NOT own the parent-claim!

    Information for Server Owners:

    Permission List:

    • "Allows the player to get RealEstate Information" (Sneak + Rightclick Signs)
    • "Allows the player to buy claims"
    • gprealestate.claim.sell "Allows the player to sell claims"
    • "Allows the player to buy subclaims"
    • gprealestate.subclaim.sell "Allows the player to sell subclaims"
    • gprealestate.ignore.limit "Allows admins to ignore acquired claimblock size"
    • gprealestate.admin "Allows the admin to use the gpre commands"
    To-do Features: (Not listed by what will arrive first)
    • Time based Renting (Sub-claims Only)
    • Feature to allows owners listing their property for a price!
      • Maybe some kind of VIP/Donation perks could fit in here?
    • Additional information for the "Sneak + Right click" feature!
    Last Words:

    Last but not least, i'd like to take a moment to say thanks to SuperPyroManiac for making sure the plugin still exists. I will of course do my very best to follow his footsteps with the plugin and hopefully keep the users of the plugin just as happy.


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Recent Reviews

  1. gustofusion
    Version: 1.6.0
    Still working with latest Grief prevention and Paper Spigot 195 as of 9-24-2019 This is a wonderful addition to allow players to build then sell their work in the claims they have worked with.
  2. hooptiecoupe
    Version: 1.6.0
    Def. an awesome plugin. Its fun watching people become real estate moguls on the server! I'd love to see the renting of subclaims added in at some point. It could allow players to create there own market shops, or 'vendor malls' I think it be much funner to watch players make those instead of being server run.

    Either way, its a really awesome addition to grief prevention.
  3. CaseAce
    Version: 1.5.1
    Why can i not lease subcliams and sell them? its not letting me leftclick the sign

    Also when wil it be able to lease and sell admin claims?
    1. MrCaira
      Author's Response
      There has been some problems with the 1.5.1 version for the newer versions of minecraft. However it should be working properly now.. Ill continue adding more to the plugin, but if you have problems please write in the discussions :D
  4. Inviction
    Version: 1.5.1
    Thanks for the Update. Will we maybe seeing renting of subclaims?
    1. MrCaira
      Author's Response
      Of course you will, in time. Just got it back up and running!
      But I'll definitely try to get some renting going asap! :)
  5. Technowix
    Version: 1.5.0
    Thank for the update @MrCaira <3
    1. MrCaira
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Just updated to 1.5.1, you should check it out!