GParticles 5.2.1

An awesome cosmetics plugin with particles, trails and gadgets ! [1.7-1.14]

  1. GParticles v5.1.5

    GCore v7.2.2

    Fixed :
    - Added missing legacy material 'GLOWING_REDSTONE_ORE'.
    - (QC #101) Error thrown when checking block's age.
    - GCore's NPCs wouldn't move in 1.14.
    - (QC #106) Unbreakable items wouldn't have a name/lore in some cases.
    - (QC #108) Mat lists would try to display unexisting materials on all versions (in-game editor).
    - Version tag being incorrect.

    GParticles v5.1.5

    Fixed :
    - A bug occuring in 1.14+ when opening the particles menu.

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