GParticles 5.2.1

An awesome cosmetics plugin with particles, trails and gadgets ! [1.7-1.14]

  1. GParticles v5.1.6

    Please read this changelog, it's important. It contains all the changes related to this plugin and also things you could have to do after updating. If there's a GCore update, you have to download it too.

    I mainly provide support on my Discord server (the link is on the plugin page). Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Consider leaving a nice review to the plugin if you're satisfied with my work and dedication ! <3

    For GParticles v5.1.6 :

    Fixed :
    • Invalid sounds were used.

    For GCore v7.8.1 :

    Improved :
    • (#215) You'll now be able to click on the setting input message when editing a raw value in the in-game editor GUI, to fill the current value in the chat.
    • The Spanish translation.
    • Switched over to JsonMessageAPI for interactive chat messages.
    • Command '/gcore npc reset' can now act on all known players and npcs. You'll have to wait for a little while before using the command, so all users can be registered.

    Fixed :
    • A bug occuring when specifying an argument with no value for a command.
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