GParticles 5.2.1

An awesome cosmetics plugin with particles, trails and gadgets ! [1.7-1.14]

  1. pParticles v2.7 - The SO NECESSARY update

    • Added : commands for take animation without the GUI : /pp animation
    • Added : commands for take gadgets without the GUI : /pp gadget
    • Added : permissions for commands : /pp gadget, /pp particle, /pp animation
    • Fixed : the gadget message ("%particle")
    • Fixed : the logout bug (particles does not disappear)
    • Fixed : the "space road" gadget was hurting the player
    • Fixed : sooooooo many huge bugs
    • Fixed : minor bugs
    Note : with the commands /pp particle and /pp gadget, there is no economy system.

    Update is HIGHLY recommended. (just do /pp update ;D)
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