Grappling Hook (Fully customizable + StatTrack) 1.1

The perfect Hypixel Skyblock's Grappling Hook

  1. ProMoRRom
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Here's a more detailed config.yml:

    Code (Text):
    #Everything related to ItemMeta. DisplayName is the GrapplingHook Name. Lore is the description. CustomModelData is used for resource-packs, check this link:
      DisplayName: §aGrappling Hook
      - §7Travel around in style using
      - §7this Grappling Hook
      - §82 Second Cooldown
      - ''
      - '§7Total uses: §f%totalUses%'
      - ''
      - §a§lUNCOMMON
      CustomModelData: 12312020
    #If FallDamage is disabled players won't get damage for FallDamage when using the GrapplingHook.
    #The cooldown between uses of the grappling hook. If a player without the permission that's a the bottom of this config
    #uses the Grappling Hook while on cooldown, they will get the message of Cooldown.
    #UpdateItemMeta is in case that you change the CustomModelData, so whenever a player uses an old GrapplingHook with an old model data,
    #it will update the GrapplingHook with the new CustomModelData but it will also update the DisplayName and Lore.
    #StatTrack was inspired in CSGO mechanic. Basically it registers each time you use the GrapplingHook. If you set it "false",
    #it won't do the operations to update the Statistic, it will also make useless the placeholder "%totalUses%" from ItemMeta's Lore.
      FallDamage: true
      Cooldown: 2
      UpdateItemMeta: true
      StatTrack: true
    #As I stated above, Cooldown will only be displayed in case that someone without below's permission uses the
    #GrapplingHook while on cooldown.
    #The "NoPermission" is self explanatory
    #WrongModelData is basically when it detects that the current GrapplingHook uses an old or unknown CustomModelData, so it would
    #update the ItemMeta and also send a message to the user.
      Cooldown: §cWhow! Slow down there!
      NoPermission: Not enough permissions
      WrongModelData: Outdated item. Grappling Hook updated
    #This is the famous "below permission" or "permission at the bottom of config". Make it fit in your style!
      Administrator: mytheriautils.reload
    If you need further assistance (for whatever reason that I'm unaware because I tested this the whole morning), you may add me through Discord: promorrom#0001
    You may leave a hateful review or be a human and just contact me through the discussion section.

    What does my plugin has in particular?
    Well, I just made the same mechanics:
    Just forget the mechanics about the spider boots and the crafting stuff, I'll let you guys decide how players may get the Grappling Hook.

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Recent Reviews

  1. KhrysAK47
    Version: 1.1
    The resource is filled of flaws and NPE's.

    1. ProMoRRom
      Author's Response
      How is it filled of flaws and NPE's?
      Could you provide mentioned flaws and NPE's?
  2. soldado1294
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin, I tried it on my server and it worked excellent and the programmer helped me solve it
  3. kacperleague9
    Version: 2020-12-31
    as below, you should also add multi version support :D
    1. ProMoRRom
      Author's Response
      I was going to add support to 1.8 and 1.12 but what did stop me was the poor API with the PlayerFishEvent.
  4. A_Brave_Panda
    Version: 2020-12-31
    Good plugin, very poorly coded. Its literally just one class. I see you posted this to get "3 resources". If you are going for a premium resource, this kind of coding wont be accepted so just be careful!
    1. ProMoRRom
      Author's Response
      There was no need to create more classes, it's less than 9KB of size the whole jar and being honest most of the class are just methods that are shared among Spigot events.
      I wrote this in a few hours and being honest I tested it on my live server, it has a really great performance.

      Not because it's a single class project means that it's a poor code.