Grappling Hook plugin | 1.16 plugin 1.7.1

Just a simple plugin for the grappling hook!

  1. Improvements and Discord support.

    Hello! This update is for version 1.1
    Small update, I just added the Discord support server to the Help page of the plugin.
    You can also join the discord server by clicking here.
    Secondly, I improved the Listeners and event handlers are now working on their own!

    Plans for update 1.2:
    - Add cooldown (can be enabled and disabled using the plugin Config)
    - Add cooldown amount in seconds (can be edited in config as well.)
    - Make a GUI inventory for the plugin for easier understanding (I'm not sure if I am going to add this)

    Have a good one!
    Also thanks for almost 50 downloads in 3 days!
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