Grappling Hook plugin | 1.16 plugin 1.7.1

Just a simple plugin for the grappling hook!

  1. Updated support discord link

  2. Added damage cancellation feature.


    Small update, added a feature someone asked for.
    You can edit all the values and everything in the config file.
  3. Major Update: Lore Editing v2

    apparently the last version was wrong so i posted the actual new version
  4. Major Update: Lore Editing

    Hello, the long requested lore editing is finally out!

    With this update comes:
    - Lore editing. yeah thats it

    If you want to access the new Lore Editing feature you will need to delete your config file and restart your server.

    Have fun!
  5. Minor Update: Bug fixes and new command

    Hello, with this update comes:

    - You can now use "/grapplinghook give <player>" to give a specific player the grappling hook item.

    - To get the grappling hook item yourself you must use "/grapplinghook get".

    - You can use the command "ghconsolegive <player>" to give a player the grappling hook item via console. (the command is only executable by console)
  6. Semi Major Update: More options in config

    With this new update comes:

    You can now enable Shiny mode in the config
    You can now enable Unbreakable mode in the config

    Plugin creates a new folder now named "HypixelSBGrapplingHook"
    please delete the old folder named "GrapplingHook".
  7. Minor update: Error sound and bug fixes

    Added new error sound feature, you can enable or disable it in the config.

    Plans for update 1.4:
    Not decided yet.
  8. Major Update: Cooldown, config and more!

    Brand new plugin update comes with new amazing features such as:

    - Config file
    - Cooldown (can be enabled and disabled via config)
    - Some options for the grappling hook item meta (displayname and lore)
    - Added config reload command.
    - Added cooldown amount in config file.

    You can change if the cooldown should be enabled or not via the config file.
    You also change the Item Displayname via the config file. Or enable/disable the lore of the item.

  9. Improvements and Discord support.

    Hello! This update is for version 1.1
    Small update, I just added the Discord support server to the Help page of the plugin.
    You can also join the discord server by clicking here.
    Secondly, I improved the Listeners and event handlers are now working on their own!

    Plans for update 1.2:
    - Add cooldown (can be enabled and disabled using the plugin Config)
    - Add cooldown amount in seconds (can be edited in config as well.)
    - Make a GUI inventory for...