Grappling Hooks Plus 2.3

Adds grappling hooks that can pull mobs and items, and can launch you too!

  1. BananaPuncher714
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Grappling hooks plus
    What this does:

    Adds grappling hooks to Minecraft! You can pull mobs and items. You can also use it to launch yourself up! Taking fall damage while holding a fishing rod is halved. Fishing poles not included.


    grapple.grapple: Allows the player to grapple and launch themselves
    grapple.hook: Allows the player to pull mobs and items towards themselves

    Code (Text):
    use-permissions: true # Whether or not to use permissions
    max-distance: 32 # Maximum distance you can be for the grapples will work( larger than 33 may cause issues )

    allow-grapple: true # Enable/disable grappling
    reduce-fall-damage: true # Enable/disable fall damage reduction
    damage-reduction-percent: .5 # Amount of fall damage you take( 0 is 0 damage, and 1 is the normal amount, and 2 is twice as much )
    grapple-velocity-percent: .4 # How hard you get launched when grappling( 0 is not at all, 1 is kinda big )
    grapple-velocity-Y-compensation: .5 # ONLY CHANGE THIS IS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING This value adjusts the Y velocity so that you don't get launched super high because Minecraft has some issues with the Y velocity

    allow-hook: true # Enables/disables pulling of mobs
    allow-pull: true # Top must be true for this to work. Allows you to left click to pull mobs toward you
    hook-velocity-percent: .25 # How hard mobs are launched to you when you hook them in
    hook-velocity-Y-compensation: .7 # Same as above, only change if you know what you are doing
    pull-velocity-percent: .15 # How hard the mobs are pulled when you left click( 0 is not at all, and 1 is a lot )

    TO DO:

    • Add player options( reeling in players
    • Add crafting recipe for custom grappling hooks