Grass Race 1.2.0

A fun new betting game!

  1. Yepadee
    This plugin requires Vault!
    My first bukkit plugin!

    - Players can place bets on one of four colors (red, green, blue, yellow) through use of the command [/gr bet <amount> <color>].
    - If their color wins (winner declared by user with permission gr.admin with command [/gr winner <color>]) they are given double their money as a reward.

    How traditional grass race works (Basic)
    1. Make a grass race arena. (separated rows of dirt each with a sticky piston (with grass block attached) at the end).
    2. Start the race by extending the pistons to connect the grass to the dirt tracks.
    3. The first stretch of dirt to grow grass quickest wins.
    - Come on to see the newest version in action!
    Managing Event
    - To start the event, type [/gr start] (must have permission gr.admin in order to do this). Once started players may start to place bets on a color of their choice.
    - To stop players from making bets type [/gr stopbets], ideally when you start the grass race itself. (This is in order to stop players from betting after the race has begun).
    - To resume bets type [/gr startbets].
    - To cancel the event type [/gr stop]. This will refund any bets made and stop the event altogether.
    /gr bet <amount> <color> - Bet on a color.
    /gr bets - Lists all the bets on all colors.
    /gr status - Find out if a grass race is active.
    /gr start - Start the grass race.
    /gr stop - Stop the grass race.
    /gr stopbets - Stop the betting period.
    /gr startbets - Resume the betting period.
    /gr winner <winning color> - Declare a winning color and distribute prizes.
    /gr refund - refunds all bets during the betting period.
    /gr reload - reloads the config file.

    Future Features
    Currently the plugin is heavily reliant on admin input. In the future I hope to:
    - Automate the event so all the admins need do is start the betting period then start the race itself.
    - Make it so the winner will be detected automatically.
    - Make it so the admin is required to set up the grass race arena themselves, allowing them to determine the number of different colors and length of each stretch of grass.
    - Allow the admin to determine how long they want the grass race to last (by manually growing grass).

    Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave any suggestions!

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  1. More commands!

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  1. Respects
    Version: 1.1
    It's very well made, still a lot to be done, however, it doesn't cause any lag so therefore i give it 5 stars