GravatarServerIcon 1.0

Love Gravatar and want your gravatar image to be your server icon? Don't want to use FTP? Use this!

  1. Nateb1121
    GravatarServerIcon is a plugin that allows you to upload your image to Gravatar and then your server will use this image for it's server icon. No reloading, no rebooting, no messing with FTP, no hassle.

    Configuration is simple. EMAIL is your primary email for Gravatar. SaveAsFile is to whether or not to save a local copy of the image incase Gravatar is unreachable. (true - Save. false - DO NOT save. Case is important)

    The only permission require is "GravatarServerIcon.use" this allows players to use the updateImage command.

    Only one command exists, and that's the updateImage command. This command will pull the latest image from Gravatar and set it as your server icon, it really is that simple.

    The nice thing about this plugin is your image doesn't need to be 64x64 when you upload it to Gravatar; however, this is recommended for best resolution. You should also be able to upload the file in any format. Finally, thank you for using GravatarServerIcon!

Recent Reviews

  1. rickerd120
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin!