Graves 4.8

The definitive death chest plugin.

  1. Ranull
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
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    The definitive death chest plugin, every feature you could ever need while still being lightweight and efficient.​

    Top Features:
    • Customizable
    • Schematics
    • Economy
    • Regions
    • Placeholders
    • Protection
    • Compass
    • Zombies
    • Holograms
    • Particles
    • Tokens
    • Blacklisting
    • 1.7.*, 1.8.*, 1.9.*, 1.10.*, 1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, 1.14.*, 1.15.*, 1.16.*, 1.17.*, 1.18.*
    • Spigot, Paper, Purpur, Airplane, Tuinity, CraftBukkit, Mohist, Magma, CatServer
    • GeyserMC (Bedrock Players)
    • Forge/Bukkit Hybrid servers (Mohist, Magma, CatServer)
    • Vault (Economy)
    • WorldEdit (Schematics)
    • WorldGuard (Flags)
    • PlaceholderAPI (Placeholders)
    • FurnitureLib/DiceFurniture (Furniture)
    • FurnitureEngine (Furniture)
    • ItemsAdder (Furniture/Blocks)
    • Oraxen (Furniture/Blocks)
    • ChestSort (Sorting Grave)
    • ProtectionLib (Protected Region Detection)


    Video by: ServerMiner

    Video by:

    Older Video by: ServerMiner

    German Tutorial by: TheGamingChris

    Spanish Tutorial by: Ajneb97
    /graves - Player graves
    /graves help - Plugin info
    /graves list {player} - List another players graves.
    /graves givetoken {player} {token} {amount} - Give grave token (OP)
    /graves dump - Dump server information (OP)
    /graves debug {level} - Change debug level (OP)
    /graves reload - Reload command (OP)

    Permissions: (Default) (Default)
    graves.break (Default)
    graves.teleport (Default)
    graves.experience (Default)
    graves.autoloot (Default)
    graves.gui (Default)
    graves.gui.other (OP)
    graves.givetoken (OP)
    graves.bypass (OP)
    graves.reload (OP)

    Bug Reports:
    If you find bugs please report them in the discussion or in our Discord.​



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  1. Bug Fixes, Configuration Changes
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Recent Reviews

  1. AlChimiK
    Version: 4.8
    - Excellent plugin that give me what i need.

    - becarefull if you use the plugin itemsadder and have no graves in the resourcepack to disable it in the config file ;)

    - Have fun
  2. giulio248
    Version: 4.8
    This last version of Graves (4.8) is really awesome.
    Before this update I find really hard to modify the configuration because everything was in one single file, thanks to this new organization now I understand perfectly how to configure it.
    Really really good job!
    1. Ranull
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Version 4.8 was mainly a config update combined with bug fixes, I tried to improve readability of the config and change a few things I found people kept accidently messing up to make the plugin work in ways they didn't expect. Advanced features are separated out into separate files so instead of having to scroll past them like before you don't even have to know they exist now. I'm glad you find it easier to use the config it means the work I put in paid off. :)
  3. trumpetsrlife
    Version: 4.7
    this is a good plugin but the only problem i have is that sometimes when a grave spawns i can glitch and become invisible and very rarely the items cant be recovered
    1. Ranull
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! The review section is not the best place for bug reports, a grave can be recovered even if it is invisible by placing a block where the invisible grave was, or by using the virtual function to remotely open Graves, a better admin menu to monitor and open graves remotely is on the TODO list.
  4. MGTro
    Version: 4.7
    Great plugin but how do I make it so it uses xp or other items as cost for teleportation. I don't know how to use vault plugin.
    1. Ranull
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! An item or experience based economy plugin that supports Vault can be used with Graves, a quick google search for these terms bring up pleantly of plugins.
  5. MrTPowerrs
    Version: 4.7
    I do have to say, I've been looking for something like this for a long while now and its got to be by far he best plugin I've had on the server, easy to use. don't have a fault at all 5 stars!
  6. KidTroid
    Version: 4.7
    Great plugin
    Easy 5/5 ;)
  7. Nextler
    Version: 4.7
    Wonderful plugin, please add Lands support so that deceased players can use the grave
  8. Ofek270704
    Version: 4.7
    very good plugin this plugin maje the game better and interesting this plugin is between keepinventory on and off
  9. eloso
    Version: 4.6
    Wonderful plugin, I love the feature of being able to add custom models for the tombs. It really catches the attention of my players. The dev is friendly and solves problems quickly ^^
  10. ThatOverPowered
    Version: 4.6
    The plugin is great, you can customize pretty much all the features. Optimization is pretty solid too, even on large maps. It is also free and open-src.
    The support is also excellent, probably the best I come across.