Graves 2.2

The ULTIMATE Death Chest Plugin! Holograms, Autoloot, EXP Storage, Customizable, Open Source, Free!

  1. Fix Players Unable to Open Their Own Graves

    Fixed players not being able to open their own graves after relogging with protection settings. This also fixes graves not showing up in the GUI after relogging.

    Fixed players not being able to open mob graves with protection enabled.

    Fixed support for other plugins that modify drops.
  2. Fix Graves Not Despawning, Fix Incorrect Spawning and Added Experience Permission

    Fixed graves not de-spawning after being looted due to an experience problem.

    Fixed a problem with the placeGround option which made it so graves would be placed at the bottom of the map.

    Added a permission to allow admins to negate experience being stored for players or groups.
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  3. Large Update, Bug Fixes, GUI, Teleporting, EXP Dupe Fix and More

    This is a very large update, it is highly recommended you reset the config for this update. This update rewrites the way experience is stored. Solving experience duplicating. It will also show the levels in the messages instead of the experience amount. It looks much cleaner.

    Added a GUI for players to see their graves. Admins can also view other players graves's and teleport to them anyway even if graveTeleport is false.

    You can define what blocks you don't want graves to spawn in. Such...
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  4. Bug Fixes, Added Time Permissions

    Fixed a few more console errors this update. Also added a delay to loading saved chests on server startup. This should fix chests not loading correctly in worlds managed by plugins like Multiverse.

    Added the ability to change the time graves stay alive for players with a permission.
    If you wanted a player to have a 5 minute grave you would give them the permission.
    Code (Text):
  5. Fix ConcurrentModificationException

    This update should hopefully fix a ConcurrentModificationException error that would sometimes console.
  6. Bug Fixes, Added Autolooting and Hologram Opening

    Fixed a few bugs this update, among them a few null errors that would spam console.

    Added autoloot support, shift-right click a grave and it will apply the armor and put all the items into your inventory.

    Added the ability to open graves by clicking on their hologram. This makes opening them from above more reliable.

    To enable opening a grave from a hologram you need to add
    Code (YAML):
     hologramOpen: true
    under settings beside the other hologram options. You can also reset your...
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  7. Fix Experience Doubling

    Fixed experience being doubled by plugins like Essentials.
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  8. Fixed Bugs and Added Cleanup Command

    Fixed NullPointerException.

    Fixed graves for entities other than players.

    Added a cleanup command. This will remove all hologram entities in loaded chunks that the plugin created. This is useful if there was an error that broke it. Or you want to uninstall the plugin.
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  9. Bug Fixes, Holograms and Skull Rotation

    This is a pretty big update, it implements a hologram system that show up above graves.

    Mode it so if graveBlock is set to PLAYER_HEAD, it will place the head in the direction the player was facing.

    Fixed a few bugs such as on restart the timer being reset.

    Fixed incorrect items dropping when breaking a grave.

    You will want to reset the config for this update to use the hologram feature. You can also add it yourself.
    Code (YAML):
     hologram: true
       - "&6$entity's...
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  10. Fix Grave Removal Timer

    Fixed graves not being fully removed when their timer expires.