GraveSigns 1.7

Will drops a sign with the players name upon death

  1. RandomPanda30
    GraveSigns is a plugin that upon player's death, will place a sign with the player's name on it to show who had died there previously. Very good for small PVP servers that have an open world.

    • Places a sign with the players name on it!
    • Configuration file that allows you to change all the messages and colors!
    • Signs can be cleared with a command and all the signs de-spawn when the server shuts down
    • Auto-despawn
    • FULLY re-coded and up-to date

    Download GraveSigns 1.7 for a new and completely re-coded version.

    Download GraveSigns 1.6 for new messages and for a cool ghost effect (Thanks Halloween!)

    Download GraveSigns 1.5 for bug fixes

    Download GraveSigns 1.4 For config.yml and sign despawn

    Download GraveSigns 1.3 for MCStats

    Download GraveSigns 1.2 for bug fixes!

    Download GraveSigns 1.1 for permission nodes :D

    • Places a GraveSign when a player dies:
    • Allows a player to do the /gravesigns clear command: gravesigns.clear


    Install the plugin and when a player dies, a sign will spawn with their name on it...It's that easy!

    If you really want to, you can edit all the messages in the config. Simply add a '#' to where you want the player's name to be...and enjoy!


    Pointless people gotta eat as well. Go to the top of this page and right click on the donate button! If you even donated a small amount, then I shall put your server IP below as a thank you. I will also write you a personal message :)

    Servers who have donated!

    NIP - DeathDonkey387 - £1.00 - $5.00

    To Do!
    • Clear up bits of code...Yeah some bits need cleaning really badly.
    • Add death reason to the signs
    • Make a video!
    • Get more coffee

    To sum up, thank you all for the donations and the support! I love you all. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me.

    Thank you once again! :D <3 - RandomPanda30


    [​IMG] View this project on github!

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