Gravy 1.2.11

Never lose your items again

  1. gravy 1.2.11

    Another Update to fix some bugs that I didn't have time to fix last Update

    For some times now I am thinking of adding Vault support, so that graves will cost money, but it will make the tokens useless. I am kinda willing to do it if enough users request it :p

    [✔] Fixed Tokens not dropping when token crafting was disabled.
    [✔] "enable_token_use" will now disable the crafting and drop of the tokens.
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  2. gravy 1.2.10


    First I would like to apologize for the late update, I am going through some bad times in my life and didn't have the energy or motivation to work on my plugins. This is a 1.13 specific version
    It will not work on any older version of the game, I've decided to make a version 2.0 of my plugin which will add much more functionality so feel free to ask for any feature or change you would like to see in the discussion section...
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  3. Gravy 1.2.9

    [✔] Fixed the "/gravy recover" command.
  4. Gravy 1.2.8

    [✔] The spirits inside the plugin will no longer harm recipes and take coal hostage
  5. Gravy 1.2.7

    [✔] The config files will now generate properly on a fresh install.
  6. Gravy 1.2.6

    [✔] You can now use "&" for the lore of the token and give your text some color.
    [✔] Fixed "gravy reaload "command.
    [✔] You can now use "gravy reload" from the console.
    [✔] The config will no longer reset after using the reload command.
    [✔] You can now change the bottom block of the grave.
    [✔] You can now...
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  7. gravy 1.2.5

    [✔] Fixed The Reload Command.
    [✔] bug fixes.
  8. Gravy 1.2.4

    [ + ] Added update_available_msg to the lang.yml file.
    [ + ] Added chat_prefix to the lang.yml file.
    [ + ] Added bstat.
    [✔] Fixed The Update Checker.
    [✔] bug fixes
    [ - ] Removed chat_prefix...
  9. Gravy 1.2.3


    Added worlds_aliases to the config, the alias will replace the world name when displayed to the player. Here is an example on how to use it.
    Code (Text):
    - world::The Overworld
    - world_nether::The Nether
    - world_the_end::The End
    [✔] Fixed tokens no being disabled properly
  10. Gravy 1.2.2

    [✔] You can now give tokens from the console or use another plugin to execute the command.
    [✔] Fixed block being deleted
    [✔] You can now use [%%hours%%][%%minutes%%][%%seconds%%] instead of [%%time%%] or both :)
    [ - ] removed the auto updater ( fixing it in the next update )