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GreenText for 1.16

  1. depressie
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    • 1.16
    GreenText for 1.16

    Very simple plugin, use > before your chat to make it green.
    Updated to 1.16 and used paper spigots latest Adventure API.
    I expect this plugin to work very well in the future too.

    Does not work on 1.12

    Why my plugin and not others with the exact same functionality?

    My plugin uses the latest API, not some old deprecated API that will be removed in the future.
    This plugin has no permissions and is super lightweight, no metrics or other garbage useless code.

    It uses paper api's, I don't think they will work with spigot servers.
    I personally use purpur (a fork of paper). I have not tested it on spigot.
    I tested it on paper 1.12 (Does NOT work on 1.12) and purpur 1.16.5.

    If you like this plugin, be sure to rate it.
    I've made some other plugins for personal use and might release them.

    Join my server @
    It's an anarchy server that I will never reset.