Greeting Command 4.1.0

Provide your players with an extra fun command to use!

  1. 4.1.0 - Code Changes

    There has been no new features or changes to existing features in this update. The only changes have been in the code. This will make it MUCH easier to make changes to the code in the future. If you want to know more about the changes that I made, you can read the spoiler below.

    - The plugin now has 5 classes to make it more organized. This is an upgrade from the previous two.
    - More comments have been added to the plugin, but I'll admit there is still not...
  2. 4.0.1 - Bug Fixes

    - Case no longer matters in command arguments
    - Added [GreetingCommand] prefix for "You can only run that command if you are a player!" message
    - Added "You can only run that command if you are a player!" message to the /replytogreeting command
  3. RELEASE 4.0.0

    PLEASE! Upgrade IMMEDIATELY! 3.2.0 has quite a few bugs!

    Change Log 4.0.0
    - Made the plugin a lot more organized, and therefore easier to expand on in the future. I will likely do more of this in future version. The file size has also been reduced.
    - Fixed bug where sending /greet from the console caused an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.
    - Added a non-configurable message: "You can only run this command if you are a...
  4. 3.2.0 - New messages configuration

    - Added configuration for new permissions messages, as well as /greet version and /greet reload.
    - Added the {permission} and {version} variables in the config file.

    A side note (please read):

    Due to the plugin being badly coded, difficult to expand, and having numerous bugs and inabilities, I will be spending likely a few days doing a lot of recoding. There will not be much in terms of features in the next update, but it will be infinitely easier to make changes in the future, as well as...
  5. Permissions + Commands

    Hello! I have finally been able to work on releasing version 3.1.0 of the GreetingCommand plugin. Here are a list of the new features:

    - Added permissions for all commands
    --- greet.version
    --- greet.reload
    --- greet.greet
    --- greet.reply
    --- greet.reply.<mood>
    - Some permissions are given by default, so no permission configuration is required
    --- greet.greet
    --- greet.reply
    --- greet.reply.*
    --- (Please see the main resource page for more information)
    - Added /greet...
  6. 3.0.1 - Minor Tweaks

    - Made some small changes to the config.yml file. You will not have to make any changes if upgrading from an older version.
    - Fixed "Loaded GreetingCommand v2.2.0" when plugin loaded despite the plugin version being 3.0.0.
  7. RELEASE 3.0.0 - Major Config Update

    - Added the ability to add new moods in the config file!
    - Added the {moods} variable to the config file. The {moods} variable will now be replaced by a list of all configured moods.

    If you upgrade to this version, your current config file WILL NOT work. Please look at the main resource page for instructions.
  8. Huge Config Updates!

    Changes in this update include:

    - Added config options for almost all messages!
    Note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the plugin, you will have to either regenerate your config or add the new options. A full copy of the config can be found on the main resource page.
    - Removed some unnecessary code
    - Allowed the {player} variable to be used in all messages (even prefixes)
    - Fixed bug that let console and command blocks run the...
  9. Bug Fix - 2.1.1

    - Config comments needed to be changed
  10. Colors

    In the latest update (2.1), I have introduced color codes into the config! You can also change the prefix for the broadcast in chat when a player replies.

    PLEASE READ IF UPGRADING FROM AN OLDER VERSION: You will need to update your config if you are switching from an older version or the config WILL NOT work! Read the spoiler below for instructions:

    [SPOILER="Instructions if switching from older...