GremoryElo 1.0

Simple death and kills score system with mysql

  1. vCamilo
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    » What is GremoryElo? :unsure:

    * It's a simple score plugin, according to your kills and deaths, you can edit all the messages, plus everything will be in the database (MySQL), so it won't consume server resources, you can fork the project from our github and make any modification to the plugin

    » Available commands :love:

    * The available commands are as follows:
    * /elo <player> » Check the current elo of the player.
    * /developer » Name of the author of the plugin.
    * /manageelo <player> add / remove <amount> » Add or remove a certain amount of it to the player specified in the command.
    * /eloreload » Reload the configuration of the plugin, not the messages.

    » Default permissions :coffee:

    The default permissions are the following, remember that all permissions can be modified.
    * Developer command » You don't need permissions.
    * Elo command » You don't need permissions.
    * Manage Elo command » elo.reload
    * Reload config command » elo.manager

    » Config.yml :cool:

    Code (Java):
      Host: localhost
      Port: 3306
        Enabled: true
        Username: Username
        Password: Password
        Database: Database
        Default-Elo: 100
        Gain-Per-Kill: 10
        Loss-Per-Death: 20
        ReloadConfig-Permission: elo.reload
        ChangeElo-Permission: elo.manager

    » Messages.yml :p

    Code (Java):
      onEnable-Message: "\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bEnabling %plugin%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bDeveloper\
        \ &9\xbb &b%author%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bVersion &9\xbb &b%version%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb\
        &8] &bRemember that this plugin is under development&9."

      onDisable-Message: "\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bDisabling %plugin%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bDeveloper\
        \ &9\xbb &b%author%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb&8] &bVersion &9\xbb &b%version%&9.\n &8[&9\xbb\
        &8] &bRemember that this plugin is under development&9."

        No-Permissions: " &9\xbb &cNo permission."
        Player-Only: " &9\xbb &cThis is a player only command."
        Console-Only: " &9\xbb &cThis is a console only command."
          'Null': " &9\xbb &bUsage &9\xbb &b/elo <player>&9."
          Offline: " &9\xbb &b%target%'s is is offline&9."
          Message: " &9\xbb &b%target%'s elo &9\xbb &b%elo%&9."
          Self-Message: " &9\xbb &b%player%'s elo &9\xbb &b%elo%&9."
            Death: " &9\xbb &bYou have died and lost &c-%elo%&b of elo, now you have &c%currentelo%&9."
            Death-By-Killer: " &9\xbb &bYou have been killed by &9%killer%'s&b and lost\
              \ &c-%elo%&b of elo, now you have &c%currentelo%&9."

            Kill: " &9\xbb &bYou have killed &9%death%'s&b and gained &a+%elo%&b of elo,\
              \ now you have &a%currentelo%&9."

          Usage: " &9\xbb &bUsage &9\xbb &b/manageelo <player> add/remove <elo>&9."
          Successfully-Modified: " &9\xbb &aThe elo has been successfully modified, from\
            \ the player %target%, now has %elo%."

          Reload-Successfully: " &9\xbb &bSuccessfully reload configuration&9."
          Reload-Error: " &9\xbb &bAn error occurred while tje configuration has been\
            \ reloaded&9."

        Successfully: " &9\xbb &aSuccessfully connected to MySQL Database"
        Error: " &9\xbb &cAn error occurred while connecting to the MySQL database"
        Results: " &9\xbb &bCheck out the results above!"
        Successfully: " &9\xbb &aMySQL database table successfully loaded"
        Error: " &9\xbb &cAn error occurred with the MySQL database table"