gReq 1.4.1

Global BungeeCord Ticket Plugin

  1. Sabbertran
    This plugin is no longer being maintained!
    Please use ProxyTickets (which is just another name for gReq 2.0) instead!

    gReq is a global BungeeCord Support/Ticket Plugin

    When updating to Version 1.1 you have to delete your database table!

    • SQL-based
    • supports as much servers as your proxy can handle
    • fully customizable messages
    • easy usage

    1. Drop the gReqBukkit.jar into your Bukkit plugin folder
    2. Restart your server or load the plugin using a plugin manager
    3. config.yml: change the server name to the name set in your BungeeCord config (case sensitive!)
    4. config.yml: insert your sql data
    5. Restart your server or reload the plugin using a plugin manager
    6. Do this for every server in your BungeeCord network
    7. Drop the gReqBungee.jar into your BungeeCord plugin folder
    8. Restart your BungeeCord proxy
    9. Done
    Some placeholders may not work, depending on the message they are used with
    User commands
    • /ticket <concern> - Create a ticket
    • /ticket list - Get a list of your open tickets
    • /ticket comments # - Get a list of comments for this ticket
    • /ticket comments add # <message>- Add a comment to this ticket
    Staff commands
    • /tickets - Get a list of the 5 most recent tickets
    • /tickets page # - View the # page of tickets
    • /tickets # - View a specific ticket
    • /tickets claim # - Claim a ticket
    • /tickets unclaim # - Unclaim a ticket
    • /tickets tp # - Teleport to the location of a ticket
    • /tickets close # <answer> - Close a ticket with the given answer
    • /tickets comments # - Get a list of comments for this ticket
    • /tickets comments add # <message> - Add a comment to this ticket
    • /tickets purge all/closed - Purge all/closed tickets to clear the database
    • /tickets block 'player' 'time' - Block a player from creating tickets for a given time (time examples: 10s, 10m, 10h, 10d)
    User permissions
    • /ticket <concern> - greq.ticket
    • /ticket list - greq.ticket.list
    • /ticket comments # - greq.comments
    • /ticket comments add # <message> - greq.comments.add
    Staff permissions
    • /tickets -
    • /tickets page # -
    • /tickets # -
    • /tickets claim # -
    • /tickets unclaim # -
    • /tickets tp # -
    • /tickets close # <answer> -
    • /tickets comments # - greq.comments
    • /tickets comments add # <message> - greq.comments.add
    • /tickets purge all -
    • /tickets purge closed -
    • /tickets purge confirm -
    • /tickets block 'player' 'time' -
    • Notification when a new ticket is created - greq.notify
    • Notification when a ticket is claimed - greq.staff.claiminfo
    • Notification when a ticket is unclaimed - greq.staff.unclaiminfo
    • Notification when a ticket is closed - greq.staff.closeinfo


    - Implement a ticket limit for users (permission based)

    More Links

    [​IMG] Source (gReqBukkit) on Github
    [​IMG] Source (gReqBungee) on Github
    [​IMG] Twitch (Development Livestreams)
    [​IMG] Twitter
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Recent Updates

  1. Small bugfix
  2. Small bugfix
  3. Added player blocking

Recent Reviews

  1. igotdisconnect
    Version: 1.4.1
    Doesn't work right in 1.9.X (0-2 and .4), the plugin itself let me close tickets but spamm every time a player joins and makes errors when i close the ticket.

    Doesn't work correctly, but does work somehow, maybe you can update it ?
    1. Sabbertran
  2. ryandean188
    Version: 1.4.1
  3. Ferx
    Version: 1.4.1
    Worked with this developer for some time now, he's gifted, attentive & always contactable. My players and staff both love gReq and his other plugins. 10/10 would recommend.
  4. Gomze
    Version: 1.4
    Easy Setup and easy to use. Great, no bugs!
  5. SmallSansSerif
    Version: 1.3.5
    Great plugin that's easy to use and setup. Responsive author.
  6. KillaSeven
    Version: 1.2.1
    Awesome plugin, I use it on my network!
  7. EnderSandman
    Version: 1.2.1
    I have been testing out several ticket/suggestion plugins and this is by far the best on out there. It is the only one where the TP to the ticket location works across servers in a BungeeCord setup. This it the ticket plugin that I am using for my server now. I now have 2 plugins from this author on my servers. All these plugins are great.
  8. fatdog66
    Version: 1.2.1
    Exellent plugin, it's awesome! thx dude :)
  9. Minevid
    Version: 1.2.1
    Great plugin. Works perfectly fine.
  10. alexratman
    Version: 1.2.1
    Really useful plugin on BungeeCord network! However messages.yml does not work and chat colours are broken.