Grey Army Lite 1.0

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    Grey Territories

    NOTE: THIS PLUGIN IS MEANT TO GO WITH THIS ONE. Both are multi-verse friendly, so if you don't want one in a world, it can be disabled. It can run without the skills plugin, but it would make very little sense. LWC is recommended too, for the protection of doors. If you really don't want Skills, try another RPG plugin, or survival will be near impossible.

    Both the premium and lite version are not supported anymore, though I'm open to continuing the plugin if there's enough demand for it. Reply in discussion if you're interested.

    Are your players bored of regular survival? Don't they want something more interesting? Then try this! Grey Territories is set in medieval times, with an oppressive army destroying the landscapes. The resistance must prevail.

    • Multiworld friendly: Enable this for only certain worlds
    • Supports Java 6 and above
    • Unique gameplay like no other.
    • Custom crafting system (This literally wouldn't make sense without the skills plugin.)
    • Ore resetting (For the gameplay, explanation below)
    • Custom named items
    • Bosses Premium Only
    • Naturally spawning mini-bosses Premium Only
    • Special drops
    • Soldier mobs
    • Special Skills for some items Premium Only
    • UUID support
    • Block protection is lag-proof, no matter how big the file is


    Here's a video about basic gameplay.

    • Players cannot build/destroy most blocks, but they can destroy and build these blocks:
    1. Log
    2. Grass
    3. Redstone ore(Silver ore)
    4. Iron ore
    5. Gold ore(Copper ore)
    6. Coal ore
    7. Diamond ore(Gem ore)
    8. Iron bars(Requires stone pickaxe(sledge hammer)
    9. Chest
    10. Furnace
    11. Anvil
    12. Ladder
    13. Crafting table
    14. Farmland
    15. Seeds
    16. Web
    17. Redstone torch
    18. Torch
    19. Door
    20. Wooden planks, stairs, slabs (Only by the placer)
    21. Stone bricks, stairs, slabs (Only by the placer)
    • /sc build allows admins to edit the terrain. Permission:
    • Regenerating ores,logs to allow admins to build large castles for players to raid.
    • Spawner things:
    1. For spawners, certain mobs spawn certain soldiers
    2. Creeper spawners have a 50/50 chance of spawning an archer or a melee soldier
    3. Zombie spawners spawn melee soldiers
    4. Skeleton spawners spawn archers
    5. Enderman spawners spawn Juggernauts (Heavily armoured soldiers)
    6. Spider spawners spawn Calvary (Archer riding Spider)
    • Players should start by gathering logs, then building a house to store their resources. Then they explore the terrain, killing soldiers for loot and raiding structures.
    • The mobs may be hardcore, so it is recommended to allow the player to keep hotbar items on death to a non-player cause. (Configurable in config file.)
    • Now, mini-bosses can spawn! Premium Only
    Creating bosses Premium Only
    • Start by placing a gold block. Maybe have some signs around it, explaining the boss you're making. (Boss' name, Skill type, Skill level so on). This is for the sake of players.
    • Next, do /sc new [bossid] , then right click the gold block. This will create a new boss in the config.
    • You would want to setup the boss playfield next. Go to your boss' arena to set the warps.
    • To set player warp, do /sc set [bossid] teleportlocation while standing at the place (And facing at the direction) you want your player to warp to upon the boss battle. This location will be saved as a player warp.
    • To set boss warp, do /sc set [bossid] bossspawnlocation while standing at a place (Facing doesn't matter here) you want your boss to spawn upon the boss battle.
    • You can edit skill types. Valid skills: weaponsmaster, arbalist, juggernaut, mage, ranger, pyro
    • Skill levels change the chance and power of the boss' abilities. The abilities of each boss depends on its skill.
    1. Weapons master has a chance to deal extra damage per attack
    2. Rangers have a chance to become invisible and gain speed
    3. Mages have a chance to heal themselves per attack
    4. Arbalists have a chance to deal extra damage per attack
    5. Pyros are immune to fire and can deal more damage if the target is ablaze
    6. Juggernauts can strike their targets with great force, slowing and dealing a significantly larger amount of damage
    • You can also edit the display name of the boss with /sc set [bossid] name [name] The name will be automatically red.
    • Health can be edited by /sc set [bossid] health [number] Note that 1 = 1/2 heart
    • Are players pissing you off by using overpowered knockback? Then change the boss' antiknockback setting.
    • /sc set [bossid] antiknockback true
    • /sc set permission is sc.set
    • /sc new permission is
    • delete a boss with /sc delete [bossid] Permission: sc.delete
    • That's pretty much it for boss creation. Make sure to make a good arena so it would be more challenging!
    Commands & Permissions
    • Premium Only /sc new [bossid] (Used for creating a new boss.)
    • Premium Only /sc set [bossid] [variable] [value] (Used to customize a boss) Permission:sc.set
    • Premium Only /sc delete [bossid] (Delete a boss.) Permission:sc.delete
    • /sc build (Toggle build mode. THIS SHOULD ONLY BE FOR ADMINS.) Permission:
    • Premium Only /sc bosslist (Shows the list of all bosses, their ids and gold block locations.) Permission: sc.list
    • /sc item (Allows one to spawn special items like grey plates) Permission: sc.item

    Configuration File:

    Code (Text):
    greyArmySoldierHealth: 40.0
    //edit the health of soldiers

    greyArmyArcherHealth: 30.0
    //edit the health of archers

    greyArmyMageHealth: 10.0
    //edit the health of mages

    greyArmyTankHealth: 100.0
    //edit the health of juggernauts

    - GreyTerritory
    - null
    - null
    //the worlds where the plugin is activated.

    keepHotbarOnDeath: true
    keepHotbarOnPlayerDeath: false
    //Ondeath configurations for the activated worlds.

    logsPerLogBreak: 6
    //Logs will drop this amount when broken.
    My server's GreyTerritories Texture pack

    For those that want it:

    My server's GreyTerritories World
    This can be downloaded here.
    Take the GreyTerritories folder after opening the .rar file, and place it in your server file. Use multiverse or another world-linker to connect the world.


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