GriefPrevention Expansion 1.6.0

Expansion of GriefPrevention for PlacehodlerAPI

  1. Current claimed blocks

    added 2 new placeholders:
    Total amount of blocks claimed in all claims
    Amount of claimed blocks of the current claim you are standing in (owner only
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  2. formatted bonus claims and translatable Unclaimed claim

    Thanks to @SrBedRock request, I added a formatted verions of %griefprevention_bonusclaims% and for those who want to translate the unclaimed string (when using for exmple %griefprevention_currentclaim_ownername%) you can do that in the config.
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  3. wrong file uploaded

    Uploaded file was an old file
  4. Updated PAPI hook

    PlaceholderAPI updated their expansion API, breaking some things.
    This will fix it!

    Thanks x1p!
  5. fix colors not showing

    There was an issue with the coloring not showing. This is fixed
  6. wrong file uploaded

    wrong file upload, my apologies
  7. Colored names

    Thanks to @ChrisIsHD 's suggestion,

    I have added a placeholder that allows colors for trusted/non trusted/neutral in the current claim. This way the player know when he or she is in a claim he can edit.

    Colors are configurable in the PlaceholderAPI config.
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  8. Formatting

    Thanks to a request (@Elijah ) I added some formatting for certain placeholders.
    These placeholders are formatted:
    • %griefprevention_remainingclaims_formatted%
    • %griefprevention_accruedclaims_formatted%
    • %griefprevention_claims_formatted%
    This will be available in the cloud very soon !
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  9. Bug fixes

    Fixed %griefprevention_currentclaim_ownername% giving an error
    Fixed bonusclaims giving wrong number
  10. MorePlaceholders

    added %griefprevention_currentclaim_ownername% placeholder