GriefPrevention Flags 5.9.1

GriefPrevention Add-On to set flags in claims.

  1. ShaneBee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Big_Scary (Creator), DmitryRendov

    GriefPrevention Flags is a plugin to allow admins to set flags for GriefPrevention claims. Either a single claim, or a global flag for all claims. It's similar to WorldGuard, but it's more performant, easier to use, and includes many more useful flags than WorldGuard does. It also doesn't require WorldEdit to run (unlike WorldGuard). Admins can also empower players to self-serve by giving them access to specific flags, which they can then only use on land claims they own.


    This plugin is cross compatible with all version 1.12.2+ [Starting with plugin version 5.0.0]
    This plugin may possibly work on older versions but we do not guarantee it, nor do we provide support for any versions older than 1.12.2

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - GriefPrevention
    - McMMo (Optional)

    description: Sends a list of all flags and their flag type
    usage: /allflags
    aliases: [listallflags, allflagslist]
    permission: gpflags.allflags
    description: Sets a flag on a GriefPrevention land claim.
    usage: /SetClaimFlag <flag> <optional parameters>
    aliases: [setflag, placeflag, putflag, claimflag, placeclaimflag, putclaimflag]
    permission: gpflags.setflag
    description: Sets a flag on a GriefPrevention land claim for a player from console. (Useful via other plugins)
    usage: /SetClaimFlagPlayer <player> <flag> <optional parameters>
    aliases: [setflagplayer, placeflagplayer, putflagplayer, claimflagplayer, placeclaimflagplayer, putclaimflagplayer]
    permission: gpflags.setflagplayer
    description: Un-sets (removes) a flag on a GriefPrevention land claim.
    usage: /UnSetClaimFlag <flag>
    aliases: [unsetflag, removeflag, unclaimflag, removeclaimflag]
    permission: gpflags.unsetflag
    description: Sets a flag on all GriefPrevention land claims.
    usage: /SetDefaultClaimFlag <flag> <optional parameters>
    aliases: [setdefaultflag, placedefaultflag, putdefaultflag, defaultclaimflag, placedefaultclaimflag, putdefaultclaimflag]
    permission: gpflags.defaultflags
    description: Un-sets (removes) a default flag from all GriefPrevention land claims.
    usage: /UnSetClaimFlag <flag>
    aliases: [unsetdefaultflag, removedefaultflag, removedefaultclaimflag]
    permission: gpflags.defaultflags
    description: Lists all the flags currently set on a GriefPrevention land claim.
    usage: /ListClaimFlags
    aliases: [listclaimflags, claimflags, listflags]
    permission: gpflags.listflags
    description: Sets a flag on an entire world.
    usage: /SetWorldFlag <flag> <optional parameters>
    aliases: [placeworldflag, putworldflag, worldflag]
    permission: gpflags.setworldflag
    description: Un-sets (removes) a world-level flag.
    usage: /UnSetWorldFlag <flag>
    aliases: [unsetworldflag, removeworldflag, unworldflag]
    permission: gpflags.unsetworldflag
    description: Sets a flag everywhere.
    usage: /SetServerFlag <flag> <optional parameters>
    aliases: [placeserverflag, putserverflag, serverflag]
    permission: gpflags.setserverflag
    description: Un-sets (removes) a server-level flag.
    usage: /UnSetServerFlag <flag>
    aliases: [unsetserverflag, removeserverflag, unserverflag]
    permission: gpflags.unsetservrflag
    description: Reloads GriefPrevention Flags configuration settings from its config file.
    usage: /GPFReload
    permission: gpflags.reload

    A More detailed list of the flags can be found on the WIKI
    - New flag that's been added since original release or update to a flag
    Coming Soon - A planned flag
    • AllowPVP (Updated - Option PvP flagged claim entrance message)
    • ChangeBiome (NEW! You can now change the biome in claims, see wiki for detailed info - Currently broken in 1.15+)
    • CommandBlackList
    • CommandWhiteList
    • KeepLevel
    • EnterCommand (Updated Variables)
    • EnterCommand-Owner (New - Runs a console command when the owner of the claim enters the claim)
    • EnterCommand-Members (New - Runs a console command when a member of the claim enters the claim)
    • EnterPlayerCommand (New - Commands run by players)
    • EnterMessage (Updated Variables)
    • ExitCommand (Updated Variables)
    • ExitCommand-Owner (New - Runs a console command when the owner of the claim exits the claim)
    • ExitCommand-Members (New - Runs a console command when a member of the claim exits the claim)
    • ExitPlayerCommand (New - Commands run by players)
    • ExitMessage (Updated Variables)
    • HealthRegen
    • InfiniteArrows
    • KeepInventory
    • NetherPortalConsoleCommand
    • NetherPortalPlayerCommand
    • NoChorusFruit
    • NoCombatLoot
    • NoEnderPearl
    • NoEnter
    • NoEnterPlayer (New - Block specific players from entering claims)
    • NoExpiration
    • NoExplosionDamage - (New - Disables damage caused by explosions (ie: creepers & TNT))
    • NoFallDamage (New - Prevents players from taking fall damage)
    • NoFireDamage (New - (This is added, but make sure to enable FireDamage in the GP config))
    • NoFireSpread (New - (This is added, but make sure to enable FireSpread in the GP config))
    • NoFlight
    • NoFluidFlow
    • NoGrowth (New - Stop plants from growing and blocks from spreading)
    • NoHunger
    • NoIceForm (New - Stops ice from forming in claims)
    • NoItemDamage (New - Stops items from taking damage)
    • NoItemDrop
    • NoItemPickup
    • NoLeafDecay
    • NoLighter (Coming soon!)
    • NoLootProtection
    • NoMcMMODeathPenalty
    • NoMcMMOSkills
    • NoMcMMoXPGain (New - Stops players from gaining McMMoXP)
    • NoMobDamage
    • NoMobSpawns
    • NoMobSpawnsType (New - Stops specific types of mobs from spawning) [See WIKI for permission info for this flag]
    • NoMonsterSpawns (Added Phantoms)
    • NoOpenDoors (New - Stops players from opening doors/gates/trapdoors in certain areas)
    • NoPetDamage
    • NoPlayerDamage
    • NoPlayerDamageByMonster (New - Stops monsters damaging players)
    • NoSnowForm (New - Stops snow from forming on the ground in claims)
    • NoVehicle (New - Stops players from placing vehicles (boats/minecarts) in claims)
    • NoVineGrowth (New - Stops vines from growing in claims)
    • NoWeatherChange (This is actually a world wide flag)
    • OwnerFly (New - Allow owners to fly in their own claims)
    • OwnerMemberFly (New - Allow owners and members with access trust or higher to fly in their own claim)
    • PlayerGamemode (New - Experimental, needs more work!)
    • PlayerTime (New - You can now set a PlayerTime in a claim <day/noon/night/midnight>)
    • PlayerWeather (New - Set player weather in claims)
    • RaidMemberOnly (New - Prevent non-members of claims from triggering raids)
    • RespawnLocation
    • SpleefArena (See WIKI for example/usage)
    • TrappedDestination

    Code (YAML):

    : Grants all administrative functionality.
    : Grants permission to use /SetClaimFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /UnSetClaimFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /SetWorldFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /UnSetWorldFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /SetServerFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /UnSetServerFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /SetDefaultClaimFlag and /UnSetDefaultClaimFlag.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /ListClaimFlags.
    : op
    : Grants permission to use /GPFReload.
    : op
    : Grants permission to apply/remove all flags.
    : op
    : Makes a player immune to the limitations of flags like CommandBlackList, NoEnter, and NoFlight.
    : op
    : Makes a player immune to the limitations of the fly flags (Use this if a player has permission for plugin fly commands, such as essentials /fly)
    : op
    : Grants permission to apply/remove a specific flag.
    : op

    All of the messages in the messages.yml can be edited to be custom for your server. If you would like we now have a FRENCH MESSAGES version now thanks to @arboriginal .... just download this one, unzip it and replace your current messages.yml found in GriefPreventionFlags folder.

    I appreciate all reviews, but I do ask that you keep them to the point of how this plugin operates. DO NOT use reviews to report bugs or ask for new features to be added. These will be ignored. Please use the correct channels to ask for new features or report bugs.

    If you have an issue, please report it on the GITHUB page.
    I also have a private DISCORD channel for my resources. (Look for the category on the left "Projects-Support")

    You can find bStats metrics HERE

Recent Updates

  1. Small Fixes [5.9.1]
  2. Small Changes [5.9.0]
  3. CRITICAL FIX [5.8.5]

Recent Reviews

  1. Potato_IQ
    Version: 5.9.1
    Great plugin overall. Easy top customize, you have the option to go into details or just accept the general options. Developer is really quick and helpful into guiding you and helping you and friendly. Much better than using WorldGaurd or Grief Prevention alone, if you want per claim flags.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  2. KayrokMagick
    Version: 5.9.1
    Wonderful, how can I add to that? Works and keep what was promised.
    I don't know if are another or official way to give solution to a problem with the fly flags and essentials but I give global permission to fly ( and block the command /fly on the global region on World Guard, in that way, when the OwnerFly (or fly member) flas is set on the claim, the user can fly without issues and can't fly on survival or other regions. Congratulations, If I receive some donations I'm gonna donate to you too.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind review :)
  3. moonapplesauce
    Version: 5.9.0
    NoMobSpawns just kills any mobs in an area. It's not no-mob-spawns it's no-mobs. That's quite misleading.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the ""review""
  4. Puremin0rez
    Version: 5.7.1
    Adds the extra functionality needed to use Grief Prevention as a standalone, fully encompassing claims system for both admins and players to use. All of the flags are very convenient and makes a great claims plugin even greater. They're thought out to prevent overlap while also being useful in nearly every situation.

    Highly recommended if you use Grief Prevention.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Hey Pure, thanks so much for the awesome review. Glad to hear you are enjoying it :)
  5. Notso9bit
    Version: 5.7.0
    Got mentioned in the discord telling everyone not to mention the developer. I said "Did you just mention everyone to tell them not to mention you" and got muted, thus making support impossible - awful support.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the "kind" review on my resource.
      Im not entirely sure what went down there so I dunno what to say.

      All I know is your mute was for 24 hours, so I'm not entirely sure how support is "impossible"?!?!
  6. iSkepticalHD
    Version: 5.6.4
    Good plugin. Would like a flag to either allow players to read lecterns (without being able to place or take a book ofc) without having to have accesstrust, or making /setflag entercommand accesstrust %name% work with console without having the owern/admin on in admin claim.
    Been looking for a workaround and can't get lecterns to work automatically to default users
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review
  7. MatchaNeko
    Version: 5.3.4
    Great plugin, works great! However, I was wondering if it's possible for you to add a function so that players themselves can't add their names to NoEntryPlayer?
    Currently if they do that, they'll not be able to return to the claim so they can't unset the flag themselves
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the great review. If you would like to suggest a feature/change, please pop it up on the issue tracker!
  8. egor2288
    Version: 5.3.3
    Я уже подумывал ставить обратно worldguard но тут нашел этот плагин.Все четенько работает
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      "I was thinking to put back worldguard but then found this plagin.Vse chetenko works"

      Thank you for the great review :)
  9. Lethal888
    Version: 5.2.0
    Nice! thx a lot for that plugin! :D

    Extra required words: eewewfsdfsewtrrqerqwsdfef
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 stars and extra words ;)
  10. vrx64
    Version: 5.2.0
    I forgot to review this thing, I use it to manage my spawn on top of WG and it's awesome. If you run GriefPrevention you should run this too.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much. I always appreciate a great review.
      And I totally agree with you, this is a must have if one is running GriefPrevention