GriefPrevention Flags 5.7.0

GriefPrevention Add-On to set flags in claims.

  1. Some New Stuff [5.3.0]

    - Added a new FlagType to each flag, allowing certain flags to only be set in certain types of areas (Claims, World, Server)
    - Added a new command /allflags to see a list of all flags and their FlagType (Best to run in console, its a long list)
    - Added a new "NoOpenDoors" flag, prevents opening of doors/gates/trapdoors in specific claims (Uses GP's default permission levels)
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  2. Beta Release 2

    • Fixed the new /allflags command throwing lots of errors
  3. BETA RELEASE - FlagType

    After a lot of confusion on which flags can be used in claims/worlds/server, I added a new FlagType to each flag.
    Ex: If you try to set a claim only flag in for a whole world, it'll tell you NO!

    This is a BETA version, please use with caution and keep regular backups of your GPFlags data.

    • Added FlagTypes [claim, world, server]
    • Added a new FlagType to each flag. Each flag will only now be able to be set in the...
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  4. New Flags [5.2.0]

    • EnterCommand-Owner - Runs a console command when the owner of the claim enters the claim
    • EnterCommand-Members - Runs a console command when a member of the claim enters the claim
    • ExitCommand-Owner - Runs a console command when the owner of the claim exits the claim
    • ExitCommand-Members - Runs a console command when a member of the claim exits the claim
    • NoExplosionDamage - Disables damage caused by explosions (ie:...
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  5. Small Fixes [5.1.3]

    • Fixed an issue with player time/weather flags. If using plugins like Essentials(X) to set player time/weather, if you were outside of a claim it just kept resetting.
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  6. Small Fix [5.1.2]

    • Small issue with mcMMO. The flags were registering even though the server did not have mcMMO, which in turn caused errors when using the set flag command and those flags. These flags no longer register in the absence of mcMMO
  7. Small Fixes [5.1.1]

    • Allow "GPFreload" command to be used in console
    • NoEnterPlayer flag to ignore case on player name
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  8. Time to change some Biomes [5.1.0]

    • ChangeBiome flag, you can now change the biome in a land claim. When you remove the flag or abandon the claim, the biome will revert back (This is a bit tricky to do, so I did a semi-hacky way. It'll actually match the biome north of the claim) See WIKI for more info
    • ...
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  9. Cross Compatibility Update [5.0.0]

    This update has no new features or bug fixes, it strictly is merging the 1.13+ and Legacy versions together.

    For 1.13+ users = No changes.
    For 1.12 and below users = All flags originally deemed for 1.13+ are now available on 1.12.2 and below.

    I have not done much testing on versions 1.12.2 and below
    PLEASE be advised to backup before updating.
    If you are on 1.12.2 or lower and experience issues with this, please revert...
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  10. Some small Fixes [4.17.1]

    • A new configurable message in messages.yml which is sent to a player when they attempt to use both OwnerFly and OwnerMemberFly flags in the same claim
    • Fixed an issue where players kept flight when TPing from a claim they are allowed to fly, to a claim where they are not allowed to...