GriefPrevention Real Estate Fork 1.6.0

Plugin which connects to grief prevention to sell or buy claims.

  1. SpiderWicket
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Introduction and information:

    GriefPrevention Real estate addon is going to further extend your capabilities what you can do with a claim. This addon allows users to buy/sell claims/subclaims without having the user be on. This is a fork of the original plugin which was discontinued as far as we know. So RoboMWM tweaked and built this plugin to work with the latest versions of Minecraft as a lot of people have been after this addon but being discontinued was never going to work with the newer versions.

    Frequently asked questions:

    (Will add when some come in)

    Usage information/how to use;

    1. Place a sign within the GriefPrevention Claim

    2. On the very first like write [RE] or [RealEstate]

    3. On the second line add the price for example “300” without the quotation marks so your sign should look like this

    Which would then set that claim/subclaim up for sale for $300 (dependant on your economy setup)

    Please note that if you are selling the main claim and not the sub claim, this cannot be reversed and the buyer now owns that complete claim. If you’re just wanting to sell say a house or a shop, use a main claim then a subclaim, they’ll then only buy the subclaim.

    Permission list: - Allows the player to get RealEstate Information (Sneak + Right Click Signs) - Allows the player to buy claims

    gprealestate.claim.sell - Allows the player to sell claims - Allows the player to buy subclaims

    gprealestate.subclaim.sell - Allows the player to sell subclaims

    gprealestate.ignore.limit - Allows admins to ignore acquired claimblock size

    gprealestate.admin - Allows the admin to use the gpre commands

    Any questions please join, support is offered but only to patron members:

    Our github repository:

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