GriefPrevention support for WDLCompanion 1.0.0

Allow players to use the World Downloader mod within their own GriefPrevention claims!

  1. pokechu22
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This plugin adds a new type of WDLCompanion Chunk Override, Owned GriefPrevention claims, which allows players to use the World Downloader mod to save data on their own GriefPrevention claims.


    First, install WDLCompanion and GriefPrevention, as they are required (make sure to get the correct GriefPrevention version for your server version). Then, just add this plugin into your plugins folder. That's all!


    This plugin does not have its own configuration file or permissions. Instead, it uses WDLCompanion's own configuration file to add a new type of chunk override.

    Add a new entry in the chunkOverrides section, with type set to Owned GriefPrevention claims. Then, reload the configuration file with /wdl reload in-game. This will allow players to download within the griefprevention claims they own (ones which they have been entrusted upon currently are not supported).


    Code (Text):

        type: Owned GriefPrevention claims

    Source code

    This plugin is open source; you can view the source and contribute to it here.

    MCStats disclaimer

    This plugin uses MCStats (pluginmetrics) for anonymous statistics. You can view these statistics here. If you want to turn off these statistics, set opt-out to true in the PluginMetrics configuration file (this disables statistics for all PluginMetrics supporting plugins).