GriefPrevention 16.13.0

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. 16.11.5

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    Thanks 112madgamer for the many PRs for this release!

    • #386 Account for all flower pot material types.
    • #392 Correct farming material block types for /containertrust.
    • #417 Damage and fire from lightning strikes are canceled within a claim if caused by a trident with a channeling enchantment. (This one was an interesting one to solve).
    • #411 Mitigate restorenature causing the server to hang.
    • #387 Add missing required static getHandlerList for ClaimModifiedEvent.
    • #422 Fix WorldGuard being supa dum (the current developer broke the API without a version bump stating "version 7 was never released.")
    • #418 Siege cooldown can be configured.
    • #406 Donkey and llama protection can be disabled.
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