GriefPrevention 16.13.0

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. 16.9

    Only compatible on 1.13 Craftbukkit/Spigot/Paper/etc. servers
    It's here, finally, a fully 1.13-compatible build of GP. While others have tested recent builds, there are several changes, so as a server owner, you should already have backups just in case.

    Important changes:
    #320 The entire "mods" section of the config is no longer used. This section will be automatically deleted, so make a copy of your config if you still wish to retain these settings for whatever reason.

    • #294 Withers can now cause explosions in claims that have temporarily allowed /claimexplosions
    • #343 Updated WorldGuard dependency to 7.0.0
    • #305 Typo in default message for messages.yml key BuySellNotConfigured
    • #300 /restrictsubclaim now functions in admin claims, also allows players with /ignoreclaims to toggle /restrictsubclaim
    • #356 Block TNT ignition from players without build access.
    • #313 /gpblockinfo now works again
    • #139, #207 Sanity check on nextClaimID (not technically a fix, but rather "recovery" logic in case of a data save failure due to external causes.)
    • #322 Only apply the abandonReturnRatio when the claim owner is the one abandoning their claim.
    • GriefPrevention#sendMessage commands are public for plugins that wish to use similar formatting schemas/send messages as if they were from GP.
    • #344 Addition of ClaimCreatedEvent and ClaimModifiedEvent
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