GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. 16.15.0

    This release is compatible only with implementations of Bukkit 1.16 or higher.
    Bukkit implementations include Craftbukkit, Spigot, Paper, etc.

    This was initially going to be a patch release, but considering there are a couple new features and config options along with numerous API additions and code cleanup, a minor bump would be a more accurate reflection of the changes.

    • #916 Avoid printing an error for the edge case when a player who's within the warmup of being rescued from a claim is teleported to another world. @JustEli
    • #966 Add missing parameter in help message for /AdjustBonusClaimBlocksAll. @flleeppyy
    • #927 Classify certain hostile entities in the Animal class as monsters. @Jikoo
    • #998 Avoid calling PreventPvPEvent multiple times if it is canceled early on. @FrankHeijden
    • #1003 Add missing getHandlerList() in TrustChangedEvent. @Muspah
    • #907 Warn and auto-correct conflicting piston-related config values. @Jikoo
    • #913 Config option to disable triggering raids in claims that encapsulate an entire village. @JustEli
    • #931 Improve block ignition handling. @Jikoo
      • Arrows fired by players that land in claims where they don't have /trust access will not ignite blocks.
      • Fires started by dispensers will be allowed in claims if the dispenser is in the same claim.
    • #1000 Prompt for confirmation before deleting claims when running /abandonallclaims. @Jikoo
    • #927 Neutral animals in claims are protected as long as they aren't in the aggro state. @Jikoo
    API Additions
    Maintenance and Tech Debt payments
    • #904 Update WorldGuard dependency: maven repository and version. @Jikoo
    • #905, #921 Use tags instead of manually-maintained material lists. @Jikoo
    • #935, #934, #999 Use Junit 5, add claim overlap test
    • Normalized line endings
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