GriefPrevention 16.11.5

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. 16.11.5

  2. 16.11.4

  3. 16.11.2

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    • Fixed a somewhat rare occurrence where PortalTrapCheckTask will also attempt to rescue a recently-rescued player if the player has rapidly relogged shortly after teleporting through a portal....
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  4. 16.10

    Please note that version GP version 16.8 is available and stable for 1.12.2 servers (I'm currently using this version until I feel CB 1.13 is sufficiently stable).

    Having issues or questions? Check for or create a report on GitHub.
    Enjoy using GriefPrevention? Please consider...
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  5. 16.9

    Only compatible on 1.13 Craftbukkit/Spigot/Paper/etc. servers
    It's here, finally, a fully 1.13-compatible build of GP. While others have tested recent builds, there are several changes, so as a server owner, you should already have backups just in case.

    Important changes:
    #320 The entire "mods" section of the config is no longer used. This section will be automatically deleted, so make a copy...
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  6. 16.8

    Make sure you update spigot as this version uses a recently-added API. Also, make sure you backup the GriefPreventionData folder (you're already doing that, right?) as there is a database change in this version; you know, just in case.

    edit: Fyi this is 1.13 compatible.

    Happy Advent, and Merry Christmas (in 2 days)!

    As mentioned before, clicking download will bring you to the downloads as well as the changelog.
  7. 16.7.1

    Mainly a lot of configuration additions, a couple improvements, and some (untested) 1.12 compatibility.

    So, should be compatible with 1.11.2 and 1.12.
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  8. idle detection fixes

    And an added config option added by Billy. Also fixed an issue with incorrectly-created custom biomes. More details in download link.
  9. 16.5.1

    This release contains a change to make a method call involving the new DeniedMessageEvent API added thread-safe. This seems to fix the elusive bug that nobody has been able to reproduce from 16.5. (Thanks to @BillyGalbreath and @electronicboy for spotting out the elusive issue!)
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  10. 16.5

    Fixed a bug that could cause the server to hang

    So yea, probably a good idea that you update now.

    Also added VisualizationEvent (thanks @BillyGalbreath ) and DeniedMessageEvent