GriefPrevention 16.9

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. 16.9

    Only compatible on 1.13 Craftbukkit/Spigot/Paper/etc. servers
    It's here, finally, a fully 1.13-compatible build of GP. While others have tested recent builds, there are several changes, so as a server owner, you should already have backups just in case.

    Important changes:
    #320 The entire "mods" section of the config is no longer used. This section will be automatically deleted, so make a copy...
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  2. 16.8

    Make sure you update spigot as this version uses a recently-added API. Also, make sure you backup the GriefPreventionData folder (you're already doing that, right?) as there is a database change in this version; you know, just in case.

    edit: Fyi this is 1.13 compatible.

    Happy Advent, and Merry Christmas (in 2 days)!

    As mentioned before, clicking download will bring you to the downloads as well as the changelog.
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  3. 16.7.1

    Mainly a lot of configuration additions, a couple improvements, and some (untested) 1.12 compatibility.

    So, should be compatible with 1.11.2 and 1.12.
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  4. idle detection fixes

    And an added config option added by Billy. Also fixed an issue with incorrectly-created custom biomes. More details in download link.
  5. 16.5.1

    This release contains a change to make a method call involving the new DeniedMessageEvent API added thread-safe. This seems to fix the elusive bug that nobody has been able to reproduce from 16.5. (Thanks to @BillyGalbreath and @electronicboy for spotting out the elusive issue!)
  6. 16.5

    Fixed a bug that could cause the server to hang

    So yea, probably a good idea that you update now.

    Also added VisualizationEvent (thanks @BillyGalbreath ) and DeniedMessageEvent
  7. 16.4

    No bug fixes this time around :)

    Addons can now specify per-player claim block accrual limits
  8. 16.3

    Let's not deliver 6 times the intended claim blocks one should accrue... Thanks to @BillyGalbreath for pointing that out on IRC!
  9. 16.2

    This is compatible with 1.11 (EntityDamageByEntityEvent changed slightly, otherwise 15.3 would've been fully compatible with 1.11)

    Please note that the fast/faster accrual rate and more/most/whatever claim block limits have been removed. Please save these values from your config if you wish to use them in an addon that re-adds this feature (and if nobody else wants to make this addon... I'll make it when I have time and not tired).
  10. 15.3.1

    This release is solely intended for those who did not read the update notes for version 15.3. If you actually did read the update notes for 15.3, then do not download this version (it's not 100% tested). (I'm also assuming those who read the update notes for 15.3 are reading this one, so yea I trust that the right people won't download this one. Also, thank you very much for reading!)

    If you happen to be installing GriefPrevention for the first time, please go and...