Gringotts 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT

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  1. nikosgram13
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Gringotts is an item-based economy plugin for the Bukkit Minecraft server platform. Unlike earlier economy plugins, all currency value and money transactions are based on actual items in Minecraft, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment, making the currency itself vulnerable to raiding.

    • Item-backed economy (configurable, default emeralds)
    • multiple denominations with automatic conversion (for example, use emeralds and emerald blocks)
    • Storage of currency in chests and other containers, player inventory and ender chests (configurable)
    • direct account-to-account transfers commands
    • optional transaction taxes
    • fractional currency values (fixed decimal digits)
    • Account support for Factions, and WorldGuard
    • Vault integration
    Storing money in an account requires a Gringotts vault. A vault consists of a container, which can be either chest, dispenser or furnace, and a sign above or on it declaring it as a vault. A player or faction may claim any number of vaults. Vaults are not protected from access through other players. If you would like them to be, you may use additional plugins such as LWC or WorldGuard.

    For full usage documentation, please see the usage page

    Player vaults
    Place a sign above a container block, with [vault] written on the first line. If it was created correctly, the sign will display your name on the third line and you will receive a message that the vault has been created.

    Faction vaults
    Place a sign above a container block, with [faction vault] written on the first line. If it was created correctly, the sign will display your faction's tag on the third line and you will receive a message that the vault has been created.
    User commands

    Display your account's current balance. Alias /m

    /money pay <amount> <player>

    Pay an amount to a player. The transaction will only succeed if your account has at least the given amount plus any taxes that apply, and the receiving account has enough capacity for the amount.

    /money withdraw <amount>

    Withdraw an amount from chest storage into inventory.

    /money deposit <amount>

    Deposit an amount from inventory into chest storage.

    Admin commands
    /moneyadmin b <account>

    Get the balance of a player's account.

    /moneyadmin add <amount> <account>

    Add an amount of money to a player's account.

    /moneyadmin rm <amount>

    Remove an amount of money from a player's account.

    /gringotts reload

    Reload Gringotts config.yml and messages.yml and apply any changed settings.

    Installation and Configuration
    Download Gringotts and place it in your craftbukkit/plugins folder

    Please see the Configuration and Permissions document on how to configure Gringotts.

    Problems? Questions?
    Have a look at the Wiki. You're welcome to improve it, too!


    All code within Gringotts is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license. See license.txt for details.

    • The first out of Snapshot version after a long long time.
    • Update for Spigot v1.14.4-SNAPSHOT.
    • Clean up code.
    • Update Changelog file.
    • Update plugin.yml so can support soft dependencies.
    • Update bstats dependency to v1.5
    • Track how many vault exists for bstats.
    • Track the overall economy of the server for bstats.
    • ! Multiple users per vault.
    • ! Support metadata identification for items. Idea by killrrkillrr on
    • ! Custom item texture by NBT Tag 'Item Texture'. Idea by jeannen on
    • ! Configurable tag name for the vault signs. Example: [<name>]. Idea by mc_tech on
    • Better support of UUID system.
    • Update support of WorldGuard and WorldEdit to their latest version.
    • Added new command, moneyadmin economy, that allows to admins can see the total economy of the server.
    • Added statistics.csv file for the economy progress of your server.
    • Added support for tab complete command system.

Recent Reviews

  1. demon2749
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
    Works just as described. Quality work. I didn't use it with factions or towny, but It works great with all the plugins that have money transactions, etc.
  2. lolholol
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
    Was a bit bummed out when I couldn't get the enderchest to work as I don't feel safe with my town vault (or vault in general) as a normal chest. Hopefully, this can be fixed in the next update. Also the fact you're forced to make a town vault chest to deposit is a bit sad, and to not just deposit directly.
  3. DorianX
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
    Great plugin for diamond based economies. Some features don't work and most links are broken, but it's overall good.
  4. Aecnoril
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
    What a great concept, I love the idea of minimal commands and a more vanilla approach! Made sure to donate a little bit to you!
  5. Harrio
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
  6. Roper89
    Version: 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Thanks for the update. I love your plugin!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  7. RaulH22
    Version: 2.11.0-SNAPSHOT
    The best dog money system plugin. Please update to 1.14 with the custom damage data feature :D
  8. MuSc1
    Version: 2.11.0-SNAPSHOT
    Great Plugin, but there is one thing I don't like :)

    You are only allowed to set up Vault types for players and factions at once. Why you aren't able to just enable one of them?

    Would be great if that would be possible!

  9. Tyro60
    Version: 2.10.1-SNAPSHOT
  10. Enzo41814
    Version: 2.10.1-SNAPSHOT
    For all those who use the 2.10.1-SNAPSHOT version of Gringotts and want to run it on a server 1.13.x I recommend using the version of Vault 1.6.7 build 6 ( to be compatible.
    It works perfect in the 1.13.2 server version!