GroupBot 1.1.6

The main server/plugin helper plugin

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    • GroupBot has menus to help you download and install all necessary plugins for your personal server easily
    • GroupBot manages all this in inventory menus (As you know it makes this way easier for you)
    • GroupBot lets you execute everyday commands in menu
    • GroupBot has tutorial links, server help, and more in menu abilities
    • GroupBot groups plugin tutorials and downloads according to their type
    • See more of GroupBot in action by viewing our Wiki downloading it to your server, see our video below, or take a look at our screenshots!
    GroupBot Quick Links

    To Open the GroupBot Menu
    /gb , This is the main command, which accesses all other commands and opens the GroupBot menu
    //Opens the GroupBot main menu// - Contains all the GroupBot commands
    //*The rest of these commands are included in the GroupBot menu, which is accessed by **/gb** as shown above,// **SO THERE IS NO NEED TO KNOW OR USE THE OTHER COMMANDS (Yay, easy and simple!)**
    //There is a link in GroupBot's Wiki that does show the other reference commands that the Menu accesses if you want to see them.//
    The Permission
    gb.admin , the only needed permisson
    Basically gives you all GroupBot permission if you don't want to OP yourself - GroupBot is really only used for server creators, so there is no need to have other permissions, but if you want to make a help server or just really want everyone to have this perm then go ahead!
    Why GroupBot?
    This is a commonly asked question
    1. GroupBot is a first use plugin - Meaning that GroupBot is typically used while setting up your first server, then is later deleted
    2. GroupBot has other functions besides plugin support - Server commands and Server help are included in GroupBot and will be optimized
    3. GroupBot is developing GroupCode - GroupCode will help developers start learning how to code plugins through our website and hopefully the plugin

Recent Updates

  1. GroupBot 1.1.6 is Out!