GroupChat 1.0

Easy way to make groups in minecraft, just put it in and your done!

  1. Haeseke1
    Make groups and chat!
    It's a very light weight plugin, but it opens a lot of function for players to have a private chat with more then 1 people!

    This could create groups and is handy for pvp, or mini games.
    there is no config but this is not negitave.
    Just put the plugin in and it's ready to go!


    - gc.GroupCreate:
    Give permission for creating groups with command
    /gc create <GroupName>

    - gc.GroupList:
    Give permission for getting a list of all available commands with command

    - gc.GroupInvite
    Give permission for inviting other people with command
    /gc invite <PlayerName>

    - gc.GroupMessage
    Give permission for sending a message to the group with command
    /gc m <message>

    - gc.toggle
    Give permission for toggling your chat to groupchat or public chat with command
    /gc toggle

    - gc.leave
    Give permission to leave a group with command
    /gc leave
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Recent Reviews

  1. MiroTcz
    Version: 1.0
    Fake. Plugin isn't like in description. And this is not any chat plugin. This is some minigame.