GroupManager v2.9

The original permission plugin maintained and updated by ElgarL

  1. ElgarL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    AnjoCaido, KHobbits, ElgarL
    Languages Supported:
    English, Russian, French, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech
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    If you create a translation please make a pull request on Github so everyone can benefit
    or just post your translations somewhere so we can include them.

    GroupManager is a plug-in for Spigot/Bukkit based Minecraft servers. It facilitates the grouping of permissions to​
    assign to players. Each group can have a full inheritance tree of other sub-groups, enabling players to have differing levels of authority and control with a promotion and demotion hierachy.
    GroupManager has an extensive world mirroring system that allows you to tailor your permission assignments​
    for each world and span permissions across worlds. It now even supports time-limited permissions.

    I'm back from a long hiatus and reviving my old plug-ins. I was the dev who maintained GM back when it shipped as a companion to the Essentials plug-ins. I'm now releasing it as a stand-alone with updates and improvements.
    • Timed permissions, subgroups and negations
    • PAPI support
    • Full Tab-Complete
    • Commands only visible to players with permission to use them.
    • Localisation
    • Many other bug fixes.
    Tested on every Spigot release from 1.8.8 onwards.

    Current Changelog


    Bug reports

    I have setup a Discord for help -

    A special thanks to Xadzkon for keeping GM alive while I was gone.

    Please leave a ✮✮✮✮✮ rating if you enjoy the plug-in! For issues use the Discord link or create a ticket on Github.

Recent Reviews

  1. icezaft09
    Version: v2.9
    This PL still good and immortal, my server and player love this !
    easy to use and editing
  2. Budderman18
    Version: v2.9
    Despite what people might say, this is probably one of if not the best permissions plugin. Its very simple to use and i have never seen a single issue with it.

    Would definitely recommend using GM
  3. DebuffPvP
    Version: v2.9
    This plugin is complete trash now that i switched to luckperms i used to defend this plugin now i am against it. It might work fine but looks are deceiving it's not dependable with a large scale server, it's slow, causes errors and not stable in terms of the explained. Sorry but i must give it 1 start and no i've known how to use this since 1 year after it came out. No i didn't get annoyed you dm's not being answer cause you have answered all my dm's to be honest. I've been using group manager since the early 2013 or something that's enough to not have questions aside of questions for additions that's it i don't know how else to prove or tell you and you know what screw them people that do all the bad reviews for questions. LuckPerms is the best and even pex users switched to it cause from the bottom of my heart groupmanager is trash 100% and you're gonna say pretty much anything to disapprove of this lol.
  4. rustyshakelford
    Version: v2.9
    Works fantastically on 1.17.1. Still hands down the most intuitive and straightforward permissions plugin. Surprisingly flexible for how easy it is to use.
  5. Arcadeprograme
    Version: v2.9
    Vu sa description, ce plugin doit être super bien! Malheureusement il n'est téléchargeable que par site externe, donc certains hébergeur de serveur ne peuvent l'autoriser. Pour les 5 étoiles, s'il vous plait, faite en sorte qu'on puisse le télécharger depuis ce site ( !
  6. Fish_eight
    Version: v2.9
    Hello!I like this plugin very much.
    Can I share with you the forum in China
    I will mark out your ( author's ) name
    and Because Chinese can't Download to foreign Download link, repoint useless.
    Can I create a Download link of China?
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      I believe its already on there.
  7. skino0
    Version: v2.9
    I really love this plugin! Please update to 1.17 ;/ <3 more characters <3 <3 <3 <3
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      It works fine on 1.17
  8. WuFuLin222
    Version: v2.9
    I hope he can support the database paper1.12.2
    I hope he can support the database, this dream has been for many years, I beg
  9. QuarTzq
    Version: v2.9
    Thats a perfect plugin but..
    Sometimes my players got a warning like " you dont have permission for that " but when i do /manload that fixes the problem.

    Are you able to fix that problem?
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      Join discord and ask. Its probably a simple issue with your mirroring or something.
  10. ServerCoOwner
    Version: v2.9
    This is an amazing plugin with temporary permissions that are very helpful for vote rewards! Keep up the great work!