GroupManager v2.8

The original permission plugin maintained and updated by ElgarL

  1. ElgarL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    AnjoCaido, KHobbits, ElgarL
    Languages Supported:
    English, Russian, French, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional
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    If you create a translation please make a pull request on Github so everyone can benefit
    or just post your translations somewhere so we can include them.

    GroupManager is a plug-in for Spigot/Bukkit based Minecraft servers. It facilitates the grouping of permissions to​
    assign to players. Each group can have a full inheritance tree of other sub-groups, enabling players to have differing levels of authority and control with a promotion and demotion hierachy.
    GroupManager has an extensive world mirroring system that allows you to tailor your permission assignments​
    for each world and span permissions across worlds. It now even supports time-limited permissions.

    I'm back from a long hiatus and reviving my old plug-ins. I was the dev who maintained GM back when it shipped as a companion to the Essentials plug-ins. I'm now releasing it as a stand-alone with updates and improvements.
    • Timed permissions and negations
    • Full Tab-Complete
    • Commands only visible to players with permission to use them.
    • Localisation
    • Many other bug fixes.
    Tested on every Spigot release from 1.8.8 onwards.

    Current Changelog


    Bug reports

    I have setup a Discord for help, but I also
    hang out on the Towny Discord.

    A special thanks to Xadzkon for keeping GM alive while I was gone.

    Please leave a ✮✮✮✮✮ rating if you enjoy the plug-in! For issues use the Discord link or create a ticket on Github.

Recent Reviews

  1. RaceShafter
    Version: v2.8
    Review Update: Fast support. Everything works fine. Keep going that well done work :3
  2. HavenMC
    Version: v2.7
    Plugins works perfect. Has since forever.
    - easy, free with none of that LP bs lag.
  3. Lurick73
    Version: v2.7
    Amazing plugin, simple to use and yet so powerful as well! Support has been great and I really enjoy using this on my server!
  4. Squeejcraft
    Version: v2.7
    Thank you for keeping this plugin up to date, it's hands down my favorite permission plugin
  5. AsVaidas
    Version: v2.7
    Latest update compleatly broke "all_unnamed_worlds" in config mirrors section. Every time a world gets loaded, it creates a folder with that world name and compleatly breaks everything
  6. Hempfest
    Version: v2.6
    I love this plugin. Ill follow and agree with what most others here have said. I love this plugin. Ive used it for years. I cant stop using it! Ive tried alternatives like LuckPerms pEx etc, GM always has your back and is always stable! Consistency amongst the devs! The support is also very informative with fast replies! If you need assistance ask away in the discord and someone WILL get back to you. Just be patient as everyone behind a screen has a life..
  7. Minesuchtiiii
    Version: v2.5
    Have been using this plugin for years now on every single one of my servers, and I wouldn't use any other GroupManager plugin ever since! It's simple and works how it should! Thanks for still updating this, a lot of people need this! :)
  8. Ardinius
    Version: v2.5
    I was wondering if you had any plan to make a GUI for this plugin? I used this plugin for many many years even after it went unsupported for a while and recently started up a new server and started with luckperms, just noticed this was back and updated so was curious if a GUI was planned for the future because I did find an amazing plugin not by luckperms but works in conjunction with to modify it using a gui. If there is one out there and /or you do plan to make one, I may drop luckperms for this one. Because I love the setup and everything. It's so smooth! :D
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      No plans for a GUI, however it did just get full tab-complete so even easier to start /man...
  9. XeonZ
    Version: v2.5
    Still use it on my server after years and years and years.. Maybe new features could be added to be more inline with other perm plugins, have considered switching over to luckyperms many times but so deeply setup server maps/groups with groupmanager it is hard to switch, mysql support would good.
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      No one has yet to offer up a good reason to add SQL support.
  10. SpecialGamin
    Version: v2.4
    Using this plugin since 2013/2014 and yet it's the best permissions plugin I have ever used! Very easy and super configurable with 0% bugs. And the latest update made my life 100% better with tab-complete. Thanks, ElgarL and thanks to everyone who has contributed/contributing to develop this plugin! <3