GroupManager v2.9

The original permission plugin maintained and updated by ElgarL

  1. ElgarL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    AnjoCaido, KHobbits, ElgarL
    Languages Supported:
    English, Russian, French, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech
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    GroupManager is a plug-in for Spigot/Bukkit based Minecraft servers. It facilitates the grouping of permissions to​
    assign to players. Each group can have a full inheritance tree of other sub-groups, enabling players to have differing levels of authority and control with a promotion and demotion hierachy.
    GroupManager has an extensive world mirroring system that allows you to tailor your permission assignments​
    for each world and span permissions across worlds. It now even supports time-limited permissions.

    I'm back from a long hiatus and reviving my old plug-ins. I was the dev who maintained GM back when it shipped as a companion to the Essentials plug-ins. I'm now releasing it as a stand-alone with updates and improvements.
    • Timed permissions, subgroups and negations
    • PAPI support
    • Full Tab-Complete
    • Commands only visible to players with permission to use them.
    • Localisation
    • Many other bug fixes.
    Tested on every Spigot release from 1.8.8 onwards.

    Current Changelog


    Bug reports

    I have setup a Discord for help, but I also
    hang out on the Towny Discord.

    A special thanks to Xadzkon for keeping GM alive while I was gone.

    Please leave a ✮✮✮✮✮ rating if you enjoy the plug-in! For issues use the Discord link or create a ticket on Github.

Recent Reviews

  1. QuarTzq
    Version: v2.9
    Thats a perfect plugin but..
    Sometimes my players got a warning like " you dont have permission for that " but when i do /manload that fixes the problem.

    Are you able to fix that problem?
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      Join discord and ask. Its probably a simple issue with your mirroring or something.
  2. ServerCoOwner
    Version: v2.9
    This is an amazing plugin with temporary permissions that are very helpful for vote rewards! Keep up the great work!
  3. ItzPaddy
    Version: v2.9
    OMG i love you so much <3 i really missed the old Essentials GroupManager and you just did a perfect Job recreating it. PLEASE keep it up2date

    Ur my man <3
  4. MinecraftKid45
    Version: v2.9
    Man it sucks that people give bad reviews because they don't know how to use GroupManager. This plugin is still fantastic and is the only permission plugin that you can drop into your server and have just work out of the box. Love this plugin and have for years, highly recommended.

    P.S. - Don't leave bad reviews on Spigot just because you don't know/understand what you're doing!
  5. strahil211
    Version: v2.9
    It's an okay plugin, has some issues, support from other plugins is going away as well. I recommend using LP but this plugin does work. I've had issues with it forgetting players ranks, one time it even cleared someones inventory after I added permissions to the user. Vault and Tab sometimes throw an error because of it. Overall I don't see a future for this plugin. I like that it's simple and nostalgic but I don't see any reason to use it over other permissions plugins.
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      Its impossible for GM to clear a players inventory.
  6. diwang
    Version: v2.8
    i am confused , why does group stored per world ? how do i setup global group that can be used on any world/ auto generated world ? some world is auto generated by plugin by command . I already try modifying globalgroups.yml but it seems like i only can edit permission node and not to create group to give to user . help pleasee
  7. Benroyjam
    Version: v2.8
    I've used this plugin for a long time now - like back in '13, can't remember. It's simple enough for me to manage groups, permissions, and set up structures. Thanks for keeping the plugin maintained!
  8. Jun_Steed
    Version: v2.8
    There really is a problem with prefixes not appearing, I had to /manload. Idk what triggers it tho. Prob bcuz when I edit the user.yml while server is running. Using GroupManager from now.
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      Prefixes are 100% working fine.
  9. Fr0ntStyle
    Version: v2.8
    Why this plugin doesn't work for me on paper 1.12.2? The prefixes doesn't work.. Why?
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      This isn't a review. But your issue is your chat plugin probably requires Vault to display a Prefix. Nothing wrong with GroupManager.
  10. RaceShafter
    Version: v2.8
    Review Update: Fast support. Everything works fine. Keep going that well done work :3