GroupManager v2.9

The original permission plugin maintained and updated by ElgarL

  1. Official GroupManager for Spigot/Minecraft 1.8 and above.

    - Fix default GlobalGroups.yml.
    - Add Czech translation.
    - Fix a really rare error of no world detected when a player logged in due to event ordering.
    - Fix GM creating duplicate user entries due to plugins requesting lookups before GM can process PlayerLoginEvent.
    - Fix syntax for "/temp..." commands (old commands will still work)
    - Add timed subgroups
    - Add PAPI support...
    %groupmanager_group%, %groupmanager_allgroups%,...​
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  2. Official GroupManager for Spigot/Minecraft 1.9 and above.

    - Prevent a missing language entry in the config from preventing the config being loaded.
    - Prevent GM events from throwing errors in the rare instance they are triggered during shutdown.
    - Correct update link when outdated.
    - Catch a VERY rare occurrence of Bukkit returning an OfflinePlayer with no name.
  3. Official GroupManager for Spigot/Minecraft 1.9 and above.

    DELETE your current config and allow a new one to be generated.

    - Added French translation courtesy of Gayytis.
    - Add chinese-simplified and chinese-traditional translations courtesy of Greensky, TROU.
    - force UTF-8 encoding when reading language files (your server/client must support the language you are selecting).
    - Set defaults for missing Config.yml entries.
    - Block tab-complete use in console (no more errors).
    - Fix mancheckw using the wrong language string (no more error).
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  4. Official GroupManager for Spigot/Minecraft 1.9 and above.

    - Trap all null errors in tab-complete from malformed data.
    - Added Russian translation courtesy of l1ttleO.
    - Add compatibility back for pre 1.14 (not tested any further back than 1.8).
    - Fix a bug in manuaddv throwing an error.
    - Prefix/suffix will now be fetched from subgroups if there is no value on the player or the main group.
    - Added a new config entry for tab_validate. If true GM will offer tab-complete names obeying the validate_toggle setting.
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  5. Official GroupManager for Spigot/Minecraft 1.9 and above.

    - Make the saving of data Threadsafe.
    - Add version checking for updates at startup.
    - Externalise all text to allow for localisation.
    - Fully register all our own permissions with superperms so commands are properly restricted.
    - update permissions earlier in the log-in process so command visibility and tab complete are updated on the client.
    - GM will now restrict access to ALL plug-in commands (tab-complete) for ALL plug-ins that correctly register their...
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