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GroupManagerReloaded v1.0.0-beta1

The ultimate permissions plugin

  1. Techcable
    KHobbits, Essentials Team
    The ultimate bukkit permissions plugin
    A fork of GroupManager

    • Full UUID Support
      • Legacy GroupManager only has partial UUID support
    • Maintianed
    • Easy to use
    • Essentials Comapatibility
    • Compatibile with Bukkit Permissions API
    • Stable
    • Fast
      • I have to run this on low end hardware, so I'l be paying close attention to performance
      • The UUID update should already improve performance
    Report all issues to github (see above)


    • Essentails Team - Wrote the original Version
    • Techcable - Current maintainer
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Recent Reviews

  1. xeradam
    Version: v1.0.0-beta1
    Its a really nice continue of the previous GM but when I installed it it broke all my other plugins that hook to GroupManager, also some other plugins like Enjin, DeluxeChat and other plugins that hook to the original GM broke and it doesn't supports the current configuration, when I installed it had like the default groups while my config had many other.
    1. Techcable
      Author's Response
      Please make an issue on github
  2. xXkguyXx
    Version: v1.0.0-beta1
    Amazing! Can you add like a /manuaddv (grouup) second prefix (prefix), and same for groups, and suffixes
    1. Techcable
      Author's Response
      Use "mangaddv" to add a variable to a group.
      Why would you need a second prefix?
  3. xDizasterCYx
    Version: v1.0.0-beta1
    Seems nice, can you add messages.yml tho? I mean to change the message broadcasting message when someone is changed.
    1. Techcable
      Author's Response
      Please create an issue on github.