Groupspawn version 1.0 SNAPSHOT 3

Spawns by groups

  1. Blue_Tree
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    If you want every group to spawn in a different location? you are at the right place! this plugin makes every group spawn in a different location! No need to open the config.yml! edit it using commands!

    [​IMG]1. Download the Plugin

    2. Put it in your Plugin folder.

    3. Restart your server.

    4. Check with /groupspawn if the plugin is loaded.
    /groupspawn - Main command.

    /setspawn <group/rank > - set a new spawn.

    /delspawn <rank/group> - remove a spawn.

    /spawn <group/rank> <player> - teleport to spawn

    groupspawn.setspawn - /setspawn command

    groupspawn.removespawn - /removespawn command

    groupspawn.reload - reload the plugin (/gs reload)

    groupspawn.spawn - /spawn command

    groupspawn.spawn.other - spawn other players

    groupspawn.spawn.othergroup - spawn in another group's spawn

    groupspawn.updatechecker - perms for telling you when there is an update on join/death and even commands
    Vault and a permissions plugin that supports Vault (Recommended: Luckperms)


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