GrowingWorld 1.0.3

Start in a 10x10 area and grow your world by getting advancements!

  1. Bugfix: Config would not save properly.

    Updated the way we load and save the config. This issue was causing quite some issues for some users, hence the update.

    Any feature requests are welcome!
  2. Bugfix: Recipe advancements would not work.

    • Recipe advancements can now be configured to count towards growing the worldborder.
    • Separated the growth-parameters per growth reason. So recipe advancements and regular advancements can have separate min and max growths.
    • Overall improvements to the way the worldborder growth is calculated.

    Sorry for the delay in updates!
  3. Bugfix: Worldborder would not expand properly after getting an achievement.

    Fixed a bug where the worldborder wouldn't expand if recipe advancements were set to true.

    The worldborder should now properly expand.