GSlotMachine 2.3.1

Gamble easily with this slots machine. Win items or commands. [1.7-1.15]

  1. GuillaumeVDN
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    Default files : English -- French -- Chinese (by 冷冷)

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    (I don't answer to reviews anymore but I still read them and appreciate them ! <3)

    GSlotMachine is a simple plugin to gamble easily, with just one button. Since it's better to explain something with an image instead of 15 text lines, here you have a simple GIF that resumes everything :


    (the machine can look like whatever you want, this is just an example)

    Feel free to send me ideas to improve the plugin !

    • Simple configuration system
    • Can be easily set up + the machine can basically look like everything
    • Win items or commands
    • Plugin reload system
    • ... and more !
    • Java 8 and above
    • Spigot 1.7.2, 1.7.9, 1.7.10, 1.8.8, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4 or 1.15 (others versions may work but it's not guaranteed, for example custom Spigot versions like Paper)
    • Latest version of GCore (included in the zip file)

    Steps :
    1. Build the machine ; you can use any type of blocks (can be different) and any type of button. The cases don't have to be next to each other if you don't want.
    2. Create the machine (specify an ID and a type) with /machine create -m:MACHINE_ID_HERE -type:TYPE_HERE (type is the config ID of the type you want to create)
    3. Look at the button (crosshair must be on id) then define it with /machine setbutton -m:MACHINE_ID_HERE
    4. Define the 3 cases with /machine setcase -m:MACHINE_ID_HERE -case:NUMBER_HERE (with 1, 2 and 3 instead of NUMBER_HERE)
    5. You're done with the machine, it's ready to use !

    Video tutorial :

    • /gslotmachine reload (permission gslotmachine.admin) : reload the plugin
    • /gslotmachine create -machine|m [id] -type|t:[id] (permission gslotmachine.admin) : create a machine
    • /gslotmachine setbutton -machine|m [id] (permission gslotmachine.admin) : set the machine button
    • /gslotmachine setcase -machine|m:[id] -case:[id] (permission gslotmachine.admin) : set a machine case
    Command aliases : /gslotmachine, /slotmachine, /machine

    Code (Text):

    # Configuration file for GSlotMachine

    # Data management
      # Back end (JSON, MYSQL) (default JSON)
      # If you enable MySQL here, you should definitely enable it for GCore as well
      backend: JSON
      # Synchronization delay (in seconds) (disabled with -1, by default)
      # If this is enabled, the plugin will check the stored data (json/mysql), and if there's new/different data, cached data will be overriden here
      sync_delay: -1
      # MySQL identifiers (if backend is MYSQL)
    #  mysql:
    #    host:
    #    name: mydatabase
    #    user: username
    #    pass: pwd

    # Machines types
        cost: 100.0
        animation_sound: BLOCK_WOODEN_BUTTON_CLICK_ON
        win_sound: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
        lose_sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_BREAK
            type: GOLD_INGOT
            amount: 16
            chance: 30
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 16 gold ingot in a slot machine !'
            type: DIAMOND
            amount: 1
            chance: 10
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 1 diamond in a slot machine !'
            type: QUARTZ
            amount: 32
            chance: 10
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 32 quartz in a slot machine !'
            type: COBBLESTONE
            amount: 64
            chance: 20
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 64 cobblestones in a slot machine !'
            type: APPLE
            amount: 16
            chance: 10
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 16 apples in a slot machine !'
            type: DEAD_BUSH
            amount: 16
            chance: 10
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 16 dead bushes in a slot machine !'
            type: BONE
            amount: 16
            chance: 10
            give_item: true
              - 'broadcast &a{player} won 16 bones in a slot machine !'


    By using this plugin, you agree to the following !
    • The plugin is under this license : (modify it and redistribute it with my permission)
    • The reviews section is provided for you to give your opinion on the plugin and not to get support / suggest things. See links at the top of the page to get help ! (discord)
    Thanks to waqe, for your 25.00€ donation ! <3[/SPOILER]
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Recent Reviews

  1. Trucho
    Version: 2.3.1
    Descarga esto ya super sencillo se viene una review en mi canal de este plugin me ha encantado!
  2. Rendary
    Version: 2.3.0
    A very good plugin!I am trying to issue a command after each game on the slot machine /eco give '&a{player} 10' for example so they can win money too.But the console isn't issuing the command.Can you help me?
  3. GuzelFCB
    Version: 2.2.1
    Awsome but pls add that i can change the Message if i dont have enough money....
    1. GuillaumeVDN
      Author's Response
      Hey, you can change that in the GCore texts :) under /plugins/GCore/texts.yml
  4. Jed0328
    Version: 2.2.1
    Very easy to setup, easy to understand! 10/10! Pretty solid and stable plugin! :D
  5. VrussianSPY
    Version: 2.2.1
    So far so good, love the plugin for 1.15.2 :)
    Not laggy very responsive! Makes the server feel unique
  6. 4WithSun
    Version: 2.0.0-BETA
    This plugin is amazing, so playful and it has a lot of potential, it's a little hard to get started but once you get how it works you'll do wonders.
    1. GuillaumeVDN
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it !
  7. waqe
    Version: 1.1.2
    I love gambling plugins. I think I have downloaded and tried every one I could find since version 1.08... UltimateCards (play poker and blackjack on maps) and CasinoSlots were IMO the best of the last generation of gambling plugins. Neither work with 1.13, nor have the devs announced plans to update them. PyrSlotMachine is I believe the current best slot machine plugin out there. This is the only one that can be put into a casino and the user can play while others in the casino can see his game running - the other three decent slot machine plugins now are all inventory based. PyrSlotMachine would have -arguably- been the best gambling plugin in the 1.08 - 1.12 times when there was a lot of good competition. Now, with 1.13, and some older plugins dying out, PYRRH4 has made -hands down- the best slot machine plugin available -- and it is free!! Amazing, if your server has a casino or needs a game of chance, this is the plugin to get.
    1. GuillaumeVDN
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for this big review, I'm glad we could "work" together. Big thanks ! :D
  8. qsefthuopq
    Version: 1.0.2
    It's a good plugin but it doesn't support custom item,so keep on improving .
    1. GuillaumeVDN
      Author's Response
      Thanks, will try