GSWHO - Great Custom /Who (With donors) 1.0

A custom /who plugin with staff players and donors

  1. OpRaidzOwner
    Very lightweight plugin for the use of /who and /list and other aliases.

    Great config to show the amount of players online and the names of staff.

    Commands: /who

    Permissions: gswho.donor (will appear in donor)

    To add a staff member simply type their name in the config,

    Example Config:

    start: '&7&m-----------------------------------------------------'
    online: '&6Online &7: &e '
    donors: '&6Donors &7: &e'
    stafftext: '&6Staff &7: &e'
    - 'OpRaidz'
    end: '&7&m-----------------------------------------------------'

    The start will be the message above.
    The end will be the message below.

    Please report any bugs. I do not plan on updating the resource but it is nice to have.
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Recent Reviews

  1. spikejdm
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin but can you make the staff not show there name up if there in /v.........?????????????????
  2. ComradGamingMC
    Version: 1.0
    Can you change it so even for the Donors you HAVE to give them the perm nodes and also make it so for staff its like gswho.staff please thankyou even though you don't plan updating it
    1. OpRaidzOwner
      Author's Response
      I have tried to make it the permission for staff but it was just more basic this way, sorry but spending an extra 1 minute adding staff should not be that hard. Donor's you do HAVE to give them the permission node gswho.donor
  3. Yazio
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty cool