GTzDoors Double Doors and Door Knock Current Version 1.1.3

For a fun RPG time or Donator perk knock on doors and open / close double doors and trapdoors

  1. Goldentoenail
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14

    Please use v1.1.0 for servers below MC 1.13

    Please use v1.1.3 for servers of 1.13.1 +


    This plugin allows players to open double doors, multiple trapdoors, and knock on any door / trapdoor.

    I sometimes found that I had trouble entering a single door and I saw this feature on Technic.

    As I couldn’t find a plugin which operates all of the latest wooden doors, I decided to make a plugin to provide the feature and have a more fun experience!

    The plugin works with all types of doors.

    DoubleDoorsA player will right click on the wooden double doors, and they will both open or close!

    This makes double doors much more fun and easier to get through!

    The doors have to be made of the same material, and the doors placed so that the door handles are next to each other.

    Iron DoubleDoors This is a planned work in progress. It is not available at this time.

    Knocking on doorsA player will left click on a door to knock on it and make a knock sound that all nearby players can hear!

    This is a fun way to tell someone inside that they have a visitor, and is great for adding more role play to the game.

    TrapDoorsA player will right click on a wooden trapdoor, and the trapdoors surrounding it will all open or close!
    Use up to 6 trapdoors with one click!

    Iron TrapDoors This is a planned work in progress. It is not available at this time.

    Knocking on trapdoorsA player will left click on a trapdoor to knock on it and make a knock sound that all nearby players can hear!


    Each permission can be given separately to use as a bonus for different ranks.

    gtzdoors.knock - Allows knocking on doors. Default: op
    gtzdoors.doubledoors - Allows opening of wooden double doors with one click. Default: op
    gtzdoors.trapdoorsknock - Allows knocking on trapdoors. Default: op
    gtzdoors.trapdoors - Allows opening of multiple wooden trapdoors with one click. Default: op


    I did not make one! I reasoned that there was nothing which needed to be configured.

    Compatibility – v1.1.0 for 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 +
    – v1.1.1, v1.1.2 for 1.13 +
    – v1.1.3 for 1.13 + and 1.14 +

    The Minecraft methods for using doors have changed over time. This plugin has been designed using the latest methods, with low backwards compatibility. This will allow the plugin to work for indefinite future releases of Minecraft, with very little chance of the plugin failing.

    Terms of service
    • You are not allowed to decompile nor modify the code for private use.
    • You are not allowed to copy this code and claim it as your own work.
    • You are not allowed to share the code with anyone
    • This plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3
    This plugin is encoded using Java 8

    If you have errors please ensure that your server is running Java 8

    If you have a question or suggestion, please use the Discussion area!

Recent Updates

  1. Update for MC 1.14.x
  2. Reliability Update
  3. Added Wooden TrapDoors

Recent Reviews

  1. bellebooks96
    Version: Current Version 1.1.3
    Works for 1.15.2 as far as I can see
    The knocking is more like abrupt banging rather than a gentle knock, which does hurt my head a bit, but other than that, seems good.
  2. rey15
    Version: 1.1.1
    Grat plugin!.. works so good. Can you add double door fences?, not the sound, just double door.
    1. Goldentoenail
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately, fence gates contain two posts (there would be a post in the centre), so it is pretty pointless.
  3. dejakob
    Version: version 1.1.0
    Good but please add a config where you can change the sound and disable sound on trapdoors. For the rest its working how it should.
  4. AfterBurn2point0
    Version: version 1.0.0
    Great little plugin. I like the simplicity of it and being able to add the abilities to open two doors at once and really liking the knocked feature. Can't wait to see where this plugin goes as you advance with new features. Five Stars and Two Thumbs UP!!
  5. Red3Tango
    Version: version 1.0.0
    Simple, lightweight, and just "works"! Would be nice to have Iron doors and redstone activate-able, but even without that, does what it needs to do.