GTzDoors Double Doors and Door Knock Current Version 1.1.3

For a fun RPG time or Donator perk knock on doors and open / close double doors and trapdoors

  1. bellebooks96
    Version: Current Version 1.1.3
    Works for 1.15.2 as far as I can see
    The knocking is more like abrupt banging rather than a gentle knock, which does hurt my head a bit, but other than that, seems good.
  2. rey15
    Version: 1.1.1
    Grat plugin!.. works so good. Can you add double door fences?, not the sound, just double door.
    1. Goldentoenail
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately, fence gates contain two posts (there would be a post in the centre), so it is pretty pointless.
  3. dejakob
    Version: version 1.1.0
    Good but please add a config where you can change the sound and disable sound on trapdoors. For the rest its working how it should.
  4. AfterBurn2point0
    Version: version 1.0.0
    Great little plugin. I like the simplicity of it and being able to add the abilities to open two doors at once and really liking the knocked feature. Can't wait to see where this plugin goes as you advance with new features. Five Stars and Two Thumbs UP!!
  5. Red3Tango
    Version: version 1.0.0
    Simple, lightweight, and just "works"! Would be nice to have Iron doors and redstone activate-able, but even without that, does what it needs to do.