GTzDoors Double Doors and Door Knock Current Version 1.1.3

For a fun RPG time or Donator perk knock on doors and open / close double doors and trapdoors

  1. Update for MC 1.14.x

    Updated the server version checker to allow this plugin version to not disable itself on all server versions of MC 1.13 and later.
  2. Reliability Update

    Version 1.1.1 will not respond correctly on newer servers. (I have removed that update)

    Please update to Version 1.1.2 to ensure consistency of use.
    Once again this version is ONLY for MC 1.13 servers and higher.

    For servers below MC 1.13 please use Version 1.1.0
  3. Added Wooden TrapDoors


    Open / close up to 6 trapdoors with one click.
    The doors surrounding the clicked trapdoor will be activated relative to the direction of the clicked trapdoor.

    Knock on all trapdoors.

    Additional permissions are required.

    gtzdoors.trapdoorsknock - Allows knocking on trapdoors. Default: op
    gtzdoors.trapdoors - Allows opening of multiple wooden trapdoors with one click. Default: op